Perelandra Question Forum
December 4, 2010
As part of today's Virtual Open House, we offered Perelandra's on-line question forum — with Machaelle answering your questions! You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

That's it folks! We've answered all the questions that have come in today. Hope the answers helped all of you. Happy and safe holidays!

– Machaelle
SLG = "soil-less garden"
MBP = "Microbial Balancing Program"
MBPs = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
Solutions = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
EoP = "Essence of Perelandra"
DDP = "definition, direction, purpose"
Shirley’s Question: What does the FE stand for in Death Process in ?41?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay — we saved an easy one for last! FE means "flower essences."
Rose’s Question: Re #41 -- My partner has dementia and you once said that it may be part of her death process. If we do FE for being at peace and feeling good about herself, would it be beneficial to also include something about the death process even though that could be years away? Thanks to all of Perelandra for everything.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Dear Rose, I haven't a clue of what you're referring to because most of your conversations are with Jeannette (who has notes on your previous conversations). So, I'm forwarding this to her. How about calling her on the Question Line this Wednesday.
ET’s Question:I am aware and respectful of the advice about closing a coning or a Deva one has connected with after a process is complete. I often connect with the Deva of healing for advice for exercises I do for skeletal issues which have been with me for a long time. Then I receive advice is always very helpful. Sometimes I will ask whether I should disconnect or not and to my surprise I sometimes get a no, my sense is that the Deva monitors my situation for a while until I close the connection. Should I not ask this question?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: No. In that instance, your personal desire is overriding your testing. Follow the instructions as they are written and don't try to override them.
louisa dyer’s Question: In reference to your answer on #49, it made me laugh outloud because it is true as well as funny. I really appreciate how you make clear in other writings about boundaries or clarity when working with nature. Could you say a bit about that here? Like how to make it clear that "no, I won't be going out to the garden at 4am" even though nature says that is the best time to do whatever it was I asked about, yet still get good help and information.... It's sometimes a tricky aspect of cocreating with nature.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well it made me laugh Louisa!
The way you would word that sentence is, "No, I won't be going out to the garden at 4 a.m. So what's your plan b in order to accomplish what we need to accomplish?" But I would only say something like this sparingly. Using this frequently actually is nothing more than manipulating nature to your own will.
Catherine in Ireland’s Question: Your & nature's perspective re: troubleshooting or shifting EoP or ETS+ SLG to a POSITIVE goal (e.g. to create good team working relationships) vs focus/shifting re: specific perceived NEGATIVE/problem (challenging working relationship w a team member)? Positive vs negative focus? Is one better, or depends on situation?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Haven't a clue what you're talking about here Catherine. You might want to reword this and state it more clearly. Since the forum is closed now, you'll have to send an email to But I strongly suggest you use complete sentences. It would help us to understand what you're asking.
Roxane’s Question: I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, lymph congestion (breast area), hypothyroidism, and severe candida this summer. I'm undergoing alternative/holistic medical treatment for everything and I'm starting to see improvement in various areas. Breast health improved after 4 months but in the six month things started going the other way in one breast. I introduced the MBPs (ILDC) and EoP about a month ago. I take so many things that sometimes I don't get these in everyday...I'm working on that. My questions are: (1) Should I be taking the MBP's more than just at night. (2) I don't understand the EoP Statements so I only take it for good health and well being..should I have a more focused statement (3) where do I start if I want to learn kinesiology?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: 1) Yes, twice a day. First thing in the morning, last thing at night. I recommend that you add Endocrine, Reproductive Female and Respiratory to the Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive and Cardiovascular (or Cell — not sure which you're referring to when you wrote "ILDC"), you're already taking as these systems relate to the issues you're dealing with as well. The MBPs were developed to be taken daily. It's important that you take them daily, particularly since you're working with such health issues (in your case twice daily). You can't hit-and-miss days and expect the same level of effectiveness.
2) It's fine to take EoP with the intent for 'good health and well being.' You'll be taking that once daily.
3) Here: Kinesiology Testing And if you have any questions about this, call the Question Hot Line.
ET’s Question: EoP has worked wonders for me: I had not been sleeping well for quite a while and would wake up with painful and stiff joints in the morning. Recently I began shifting EoP before sleeping and tested that I needed to do two shifts, one for restless sleep and another for the joints. Amazing: woke up this morning full of energy and with a smooth body! It has taken me a few tries to articulate my intention very clearly to get to this stage (besides doing MAP, FE, MBP solutions). I find the EoP shift difficult to explain to my friends: is my improved state the result of my clear intention in co-creation with Nature, which provides the necessary means/space for me to realize my intention? Thank you for all!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: When you're shifting any of the solutions, it's always helpful to be clear about your intentions. The more clear you are, the better the shift. It sounds like that's what you've experienced. Glad to to know this helped.
Rita Campbell’s Question: Among other areas in my life, I have had successful collaborations with Nature via EoP, SLGs and the Deva of particular aspects of the weather to accomplish intentions various outdoor activities such as gardening or exercise. I got support from the Deva of my region's Wind with leaf management the other day. Asked that the leaves be blown into another dimension that wouldn't burden the neighbors' lawns. The weather report stated an unexpected wind gust then lo and behold, the next day my leaves were organized on the sidewalk for easy pick up. Guess I could ask my guides but for the sake of sharing, wondering what's the outcome if all of us cognoscenti invoked SLGs for weather intentions at the same time. Another chaotic weather report per usual? LOL!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, to be honest with you, I think it's fair to say that we human beings have wreaked enough havoc on weather. Personally, I stay away from trying to manipulate weather. What might be helpful in this situation is an SLG for the purpose of discovering what you personally can change in your life that would be helpful to stabilizing the planet's climate patterns.
Bonnie’s Question: Is there a way for those of us who work with your gardening approach to support each other in our efforts? I am in Sacramento, CA and would like to connect with those who are doing this work and live close to me so we can support and inspire each other. Also my husband has recently stopped all his medications. He has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Is there something you have developed that can aide him, to strengthen his resolve to lose weight or to help with his symptoms. Thank you so much for all you have given to us out here. I lived at Findhorn for a period of time, and finding you has helped me to apply practically the concepts I learned there.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Here's a link to our current Networking List. If you're signed up to receive our free emails, you'll hear about future networking options. If your husband is interested in pursuing the Perelandra products, have him call the Question Hot Line so that we can figure out the best recommendations for him.
Joy’s Question: I need to learn how to use the trouble shooting chart for SLGs and have lost my e-book in a computer crash. Are there any directions in other publications or should I just re-order an e-book? (I'm not sure if my previous message came through so this my be a repeat)
MACHAELLE'S Answer: This isn't a repeat. I suggest calling the order line and talking to them about this to see what we can do to help you out here. 1-800-960-8806
Catherine in Ireland’s Question: Re: Q22, appropriate to shift EoP to people/situations outside me/my projects? What about avoiding manipulation? Ok to shift EoP to Irish financial/banking crisis for outcome fair and balanced to Irish taxpayers? To support a specific election outcome? For winning the lotto? (being provocative on purpose) To a problem w/o mentioning solution?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You really can't compare a person's relationship and responsibility to her own mother's death with the Irish financial banking crisis. You can use Essence of Perelandra to support your own response to the Irish financial situation, but it's not wise to try to manipulate everybody else in the country.
Meriem ’s Question: Can I use ETS Plus for Human for the Energy Release Process please? I do not have the Soil Kit yet. Thank you!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: No, sorry, afraid you're going to have to get a Soil Balancing Kit for the stabilizers.
jo’s Question: me too...this forum is fun and full of good stuff...yea for flannnels and warm places and evolution and calibrations and sweet supportive Beth in her smurf hat and Machaelle for having the guts and fortitude for walking in the scary places first and showing us it ain't so scary...god bless us everyone...
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Apparently you're channeling tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol, and that's terrific. Thank you for your wonderful support! We're all having fun here too.
vicki’s Question: Thank you so much Machaelle, for EVERYTHING! Same to your staff of neat folks. Who is the musical artist on Miles' surprise, please? vb
MACHAELLE'S Answer: We haven't a clue. It's a free blues clip from the internet. Does anybody our there recognize it and know who the musical artist is?
Susan Koehler’s Question: Thanks Machaelle - for the gift of your wisdom! I just brought home a 'cut' evergreen tree for Christmas. (I did not cut it, but asked if it would be willing to share our holiday. Call me crazy, but I know a got a 'yes'!) My question - Is there anything that I can do for it while it's here? ETS for Plants in the water today - and then check daily?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: The ETS Plus for Plants in the water is an excellent way to go. But now that you've opened this communication, be prepared for it to request spaghetti dinners, a good red wine, chocolate truffles and a branch massage every once in a while. Sometimes it doesn't pay to get into a conversation. ;)
Constance’s Question: This is such a wonderful forum Machaelle. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the world through Perelandra. I am learning so much from this forum and receiving some wonderful inspiration. Thank you all. Will the forum Q&A be available later on the web site as I have other things going on this afternoon.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thanks! And you'll be pleased to know that all of our forums are available online to read at your convenience: Forum Archives. Really, the quality of the forums depend on the good quality of the questions and not just the answers. So all of you folks deserve a pat on your back.
Sharon’s Question: Am wondering what specific type of brandy ya'll use as a preservative in your essences. Thanks, S
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Jacques Cardin
Linda’s Question: Thank you for the reminder (Machaelle and Karen, question #22) for the post death process. My mother is currently under Hospice's care and I had forgotten about this process.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: I'm hoping this reminds a whole lot of people. It's a process well worth remembering and doing.
Heidi’s Question: Machaelle, can Natural Aging solution be administered to a declining empire via a NS application? I know of one that could use some assistance with age appropriate behavior.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh Heidi, in light of my answer to #44, I think I know the same one! No, but we might add some drops in the U.S. Senate water supply and see if we can get anything moving there!!! Unfortunately, it's just for humans.
Blanca’s Question: Thanks for your answer! By the way, I´m also from Spain:-)
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're welcome. And that's terrific. I love hearing from people who are beyond our borders. It makes me think there really is a world out there and it's more sane than ours!
Otis’s Question: Is my understanding correct that ETS works its magic by repairing damaged circuits in the body's electrical system? By what process or mechanism does EoP increase strength, stability, and support?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hi Otis! I like hearing from you and I hope all is going well. You are correct about how ETS Plus works with the body's electrical system. It promotes strength and balance by using the body itself. Essence of Perelandra increases strength, stability & support by infusing its unique balance onto and in the body thus helping to promote balance, strength and support. One (ETS Plus) is an internal mechanism that results in the body's own strength and balance, and the other (EoP) is an external mechanism supplying the body with strength and balance in new and deeper ways.
Harrison Mitchell ’s Question: What can one do for Ocular Migraines ?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: MAP and the MBP Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems would be a great place to start.
louisa dyer’s Question: Thanks much for #23. Also wanted to share that as my mom was leaving this world in 2003, I did the FE Death Process for her. She had been taking ativan & morphine every 2 hours for a few days for intense agitation & pain. Within 10 minutes of the first FE treatment, she was calm & apparently pain-free. I kept giving her the essences on her hand & she remained peaceful for the next 6 days until her last breath. The post FE process tested as not needed. Is that usual? Helping her be in peace meant the world to me, and also convinced me about the power of FE - so thank you again.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: In light of the work that you did with your mom prior to death, it would be reasonable that she wouldn't need essences after death. You gave her a big gift and gave her what she needed at the front end of the process rather than the tail end of it. Thanks for sharing this.
Ruth’s Question: The Natural Aging solution is wonderful - like gently peeling the layers of all the old stuff that has been hanging for a long time, basically unnoticed as anything pertinent - ha - it is very pertinent and the solution is making it very easy to recognize it, smile, let it go and move on to the next thing. Really, the process is very smooth. Thank you again and again!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hey Ruth! You made me smile big time. Thanks for saying this. And I'm really pleased to hear from you. Carry on girl!
Jackie’s Question: I hear animals. In my experience most animals don't like the taste of essences. In fact the only one I have worked with that really wanted one of the Perelandra Solutions was Misty, my cat friend, who begged for Lymphatic & Immune every night. Any ideas for the animals?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: We've written a number of things about that in our Education section that might be helpful to you.
Nancy Jo’s Question: Just a Holiday Note of appreciation and an encouragement for everyone to be open to creatively bring these processes to play in achieving health and harmony. Thanks for "all ya all" efforts, Machaelle, my beliefs keep going through many evolutions as a result of these processes, Happy Days
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, this forum is filled with all kinds of nice words. Thanks for the good thoughts.
Jennifer Welham’s Question: Machaelle: I've just communicated about my husband. I am sorry I didn't say how much I have enjoyed reading "Dancing--" and to thank you so much for all you are doing I do apologize for my rudeness
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You weren't rude at all, thanks for the compliment!
Donna’s Question: I have been working on a number of fronts - homeopathy, diet, flower essences, MAP, energy work - to heal a skin and scalp condition that developed a couple years ago, possibly in conjunction with peri-menopausal shifts in my body. I started using the MBPs about two months ago and I recently purchased the MBP Manual, thinking that I may need to do that program now, too. I almost always do kinesiology checks on anything before I try it. But when things repeatedly don't work... does that mean that I am not really connecting with nature? Or maybe I am not asking the right questions. And sometimes, the answers that I get don't make sense. For instance, I initially was taking Immune, Lymphatic and Integumentary MBPs. After several weeks, I got that I should drop Integumentary and add Endocrine and Reproductive. It doesn't make sense that I wouldn't use Integumentary for a skin problem, does it?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oftentimes the results of our testing doesn't make sense. If it's a valid test, I just do it no matter what the answer is. It sounds like you're in a subtle state of panic and you're just spinning around trying everything. Often you can get a combination of approaches that neutralize one another. Pick the program that most strongly attracts you right now and work solely with that for a while — like a couple of months. And then slowly add whatever comes to you to add, the next single thing. It just seems like you need a little more control on how you're approaching this. We have an Organizing Process and chart that may help you organize this better.
Sherry’s Question: I am very interested in your perspective and treatment of Miasms as you have described in your 1990 Perelandra Paper. Have you developed a more simple treatment protocol using other essences?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: No, the process as described in the original Perelandra Paper still holds and nothing has been revised.
Jennifer Welham’s Question: My husband Brian, has been using MAP coning for 8 weeks, with no results. His problems breathing: shaking right arm: left arm weak: balance: tinnitus: mucus in throat:
MACHAELLE'S Answer: The first question you have to ask — is he in MAP because he really wants to work with MAP, or is he working with MAP just to make you happy? If it's the second, the MAP team isn't going to override his true intent. If he is truly in MAP because he wants to be using it, review his scanning session and make sure that was done correctly. Beyond this, I would urge him to call the Question Hot Line and talk this over to see if we can see any problems in the process. Sometimes MAP's work is beyond our ability to perceive and we think nothing's happening but in fact something is. So be sure he calls the Question Hot Line.
jyoti noel’s Question: Dear Machaelle, Thank you for the wonderful inspiration your books have been for me. I have just finished reading "Shadow and Shasta and revised Behaving" Jyoti
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Thank you for your kind words. "Shadow and Shasta" made me laugh — sounds like a new TV show with two buddy cops!
Faith Nelson’s Question: Hello. I lost my job in 2/2010. 4closure coming, savings & 401K gone. Have several long running SLGs: Biz, condo (best DDP), rental, abundance, etc. Balance SLGs often, I always get "triangulation." Weird. It seems I need to revise my DDPs' Direction. I could be stepping in Nature's biz. Eg despite rental DDP I made very costly mistakes, now am upside down, no tenant and can't sell. Just did EOP for home biz SLG. Also added a mortgage sentence to home DDP. Am looking for a process to fine tune DDPs. Would infusing EOP in coning help me ask clearer questions of Nature? I need improve my approach. Grateful Thnx.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Definitely add the EoP. That's an excellent idea. And look out for a package that will be delivered to you shortly — you need a break! In the meantime, sit back, read a good book and relax. As intense as your experience is, you're probably getting in your own way and you need to relax and trust a little bit.
Martin K.’s Question: Hello again, Recently we had a lot of unexpected snow in Britain. It had a strong impact on many business and lives, mainly through its impact on transport. Would you recommend the same steps as in your Heath Watch 15 for the Economic Crisis to reestablish balance in ones system in the light of this or similar impact? Generally, how can we best prepare for the unexpected? Thank you and best regards from Britain!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Oh Martin, you guys in Great Britain are so spoiled when it comes to this snow business. Anything more than 2 inches and you all fall apart! I would recommend that you just be patient and let the roads open and the traffic reestablish itself. If you want to do something constructive, shovel your walk. (People will love you for it!) Your business will balance out automatically as things start to melt. However, if everyone in Great Britain has sunk into a catatonic state, you can then resort to Health Watch 15 for addressing what's going on. But for now, shovel and wait. Sometimes the best course of action is to just wait.
Rose’s Question: Do the devas have a 'personal' quality to them - not just energies but qualities of personalness? Personalness i.e. I have the feeling of recognizing the deva of our property from the deva of different SLGs and wonder if I'm projecting that, and also projecting a recognition on the devic end of me, doing the work. Not emotional/sappy but like a 'friendly' recognition.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: What makes the deva personal is the thing or element it's connected to. So it makes sense that the deva of one SLG is going to feel different than the deva of another SLG. I don't think you're projecting something so much as picking up on these differences. I think you're doing okay here.
Pamela’s Question: Hi Machaelle, thank you so much for Miles surprise and animal life at Perelandra! The music was just perfect. I now have new respect for all the tiny little creatures in my garden. And I am in my flannel PJ's here in California.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Way to go! We're getting a lot of nice comments about the animal life at Perelandra and the music today. Thanks. It's crazy cold here. We're in our flannel PJs too! And Beth's wearing a weird smurf cap.
louisa’s Question: thank you again for everything - no words can really express how much your research & products have changed my life. Do you or does anyone have a way to get cats to take the MBPs? The dog loves them, no problem, and i put animal ETS+ in the cat's water, but she will NOT take the MBPs no matter if in milk, on tuna or anything else, so I've given up. But thought maybe someone had a different method to try??? And just fyi - i have another browser window open to listen to the great music with the garden videos while reading the forum - super experience.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You could try putting the drops on a smear of butter. Some cats will go through anything to get to butter. We're glad you love the music!
Constance’s Question: It has been a year since my last purchase. How long will the essences last, in particular the ones I have not used on a regular basis. I have the [Nature Program] and [Rose] Essences and also the Seasonal Balancing Solution for last year. Also, if someone has a candida condition is the vinegar base appropriate to use for them to balance systems, and in addition if they do not consume alcohol what would be their best approach?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: We've had folks successfully address candida using either the vinegar or brandy. The preservative seems to be a non-issue for them. Anything we produce in a bottle has an indefinite shelf-life, EXCEPT the Seasonal Balancing Solution. They have to be current to the year they're being taken. Last year's Seasonal Solution does not address this year's flu mix.
Martin K.’s Question: Hello Machaelle, Recently I had a tick bite that started to develop worrisome (Lyme disease / borreliosis) symptoms. As soon as the symptoms appeared I started sessions with the Microbial Balancing Program and did extra Essences testing and MBP Solution telegraph testing and it is all beautifully finding balance and health again (MBP rechecks are still ongoing). Thank you for the information you supply for such serious situations in your Perelandra Health Watch 5B. I have researched Lyme disease on the web and see there are many, many complicated and tragic stories. I feel very lucky and empowered dealing with it all so effectively myself and want to encourage others to learn your wonderfully helpful tools too. Thanks Machaelle for your research and providing such valuable information!!! (No questions your honor. But maybe you can add something?!)
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay Martin, you made me smile on this one! Actually, I think you handled this well. The only thing I can think to add is that any time you suddenly think about the Lyme disease situation in a worrisome or panicked way, immediately take ETS Plus to make sure your thoughts don't trigger a recurrence of symptoms. I'm very pleased to see that you've used the processes well. For that, I won't yell at you this Virtual Open House (unless you say something totally obnoxious in this forum later! ;). (Martin is a long-time Perelandra customer and we have spent many moments over the years yanking one-another's chain.)
Nanji’s Question: I have worked with Nature for more than 10 years and would like my husband to take on some of the responsibilities in our garden, setting up a small orchard, new frog pond, etc. Any suggestions? He says I need to be the one.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Sorry, Nanji, this isn't a Perelandra question, this is a couples therapy question. What I can say is that no-one should force the Perelandra work onto another person. It means that they don't choose to go in this direction and that needs to be respected. So your best bet is to hire a helper.
Barbara’s Question: What is the purpose of a Calibration in a MAP session? Other than asking the MAP team, how do you know if you need one?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: A Calibration is for "unsticking" mental or emotional blocks that are getting in the way of whatever you're working on in your MAP session. If you're not using kinesiology, the best indication that you need a Calibration is if you're not getting anywhere with something you're trying to address.
louisa’s Question: thanks so much for everything! I've used all your products/processes for a few years now, all personally & some with clients, & they contribute greatly to my health & happiness. My question is about SLG, which I love and use a lot - many times the SLG works in wonderful & even unexpected ways; other times nothing much seems to happen in terms of the DDP being realized - I do try to make sure the new DDP is appropriate & in alignment with my Life and Work Gardens - other than this, any ways or questions to ask upfront to determine the likelihood of "success" per the DDP? (and the music on the wildlife video is great! thanks for that)
MACHAELLE'S Answer: When it looks like a DDP is not being realized, it probably means you need to rewrite and refine your DDP. It's most likely that there's something contradictory in that DDP. And even in your zeal to make sure that DDP is appropriate and in alignment with your life and gardens, you've probably missed the target and you've got a DDP that's clashing. So, sit back, focus on your DDP, submit a new one to your SLG, and go forward from there.
Karen’s Question: Thank you for over 25 years of instruction and products. Your books have permitted me to explore, develop and be responsible for my life and moving forward with life. My Mom is dying in California. I assure you I'm clear and stabilized and I think my best options for providing support are simply the Essence of Perelandra nature shifts. Here's what I've come up with... What do you think? Got any other ideas? In support of
1 my sister's health and well being while making decisions for Mom;
2 the medical and support staff's balance while interacting with Mom;
3 Mom's overall health and well being;
4 the transition Mom may be making;
5 my developing and practicing compassion for all involved in this circumstance.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Do one NS shift of Essence of Perelandra to support the entire process of your mom's transition and death. That includes your mom, her staff, your family and the quality of decisions. It's one comprehensive process and you're supporting the whole thing with one dose of Essence of Perelandra daily. The parameters you've defined here will be included in the support. If you have any other elements you wish to include, add that before you state your parameters before shifting EoP.
And be sure to do the Post-Death Process within 72 hours after she has died. That will complete your part of her death process.
Mark Robertson’s Question: Hi Machaelle, I have a question about the Post Death Process, a friend of mine recently passed away quite suddenly after I got over the shock of it I opened a post death coning and I am pretty sure I connected with his spirit/soul. My question to you is how can I be sure that I helped him? should I rely on my gut instinct as to whether or not I made a successful connection and that I indeed help him on his journey. I should say I felt pretty good about the process. I also have a question about the west nile virus. Have you any advice as to a preventative protocol for this virus. Thanks for all your hard work it is very much appreciated.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: It's perfectly fine to rely on your gut instinct with the post-death process. Because of the close proximity of a newly deceased person, people report all kinds of responses and reactions the person will have to the testing that are positive, such as sensing the person is smiling, sensing the person's relief at receiving the essences, actually hearing something the person is saying, or simply sensing that the connection was successful. So I encourage you to feel confident that your friend was helped. Otherwise, you wouldn't have experienced the sensations that you've described. A lot of people who do the Post-Death Process for the first time for someone express how surprised they are at how positive and helpful this process feels. And you're in luck, I put together a Health Watch Protocol on West Nile Virus that will make addressing it with the Perelandra tools simple and easy.
Rose’s Question: Thanks for your response to question #6. It took me to exactly the place I need to be with that -- like pulled aside the curtain. (No reply needed on this 'question'. Just a thanks.)
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Somehow, it's now #5 in case folks are looking at it. And glad it helped.
Maggie’s Question: Ya know how you haven't needed a chiropractor for over 20 years since you started taking essences... Well, did you have any issues with muscle tightness/pain and has/can that be resolved with essences, too?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Of course, I'm human. When muscle tightness and pain rear their ugly head, I work with essences and I go to MAP. MAP will do wonders. You could also work with the Microbial Balancing Program. And if it's a chronic issue, taking Immune, Lymphatic and the Muscular Systems Balancing Solutions is helpful too. Also, I haven't been to a chiropractor in over 20 years because of the combination of Perelandra tools that I have developed and have available to me, not just the Perelandra Essences. But in particular letting my MAP team function as my chiropractor if all else fails and I need more help.
Rosemary’s Question: I read the 1st book 12 years ago and forgot about it. I then went through some serious pain and used prayer to survive. Somehow I believe rediscovering your books was an answer to my prayers. Now that I'm reading all of your books I'd like to know how does my spirituality interact with nature? Is attending to both a way to achieve I/E balance? I'm not too experienced in MAP yet but I did open a coning earlier and got the distinct impression that I should continue with my prayer and meditation. Thanks for your input.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: We have lots of people who practice prayer and meditation — nuns, priests, ministers, Buddhists, rabbis, Baptists — we have them all! Working with nature expands your spirituality world and the two do not conflict with one another. So I encourage you to combine the two elements with confidence.
Donna’s Question: Machaelle, Thanks so much for all your wonderful books and high quality products. I have used kinesiology testing for many years, even before I was introduced to your materials. I do finger pulls. If I am testing something for myself, for my body, do I always need to open a MAP coning? I feel a bit funny calling everyone together for a meeting, when I just have one or two things to check. In the past, before I learned about MAP, I would just connect to my higher self to do checks.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You don't have to open MAP for a simple question. Just set yourself up a little and focus on your body and say, "I want to ask a question about my own health." You don't even have to go to your higher self.
Mimi Totten’s Question: I'm confused about the order to take the MBPs. Do I take the Seasonal first, then the others... then wait 2 minutes before Natural Aging? Which do I also take in the am ??
MACHAELLE'S Answer: What, you're confused?! Join the club — we're all confused! In the evening, take the Seasonal Solution, then your MBPs, waiting 5 seconds between each. Then after you take the last MBP Solution, wait 2 minutes and take Natural Aging last.
Linda’s Question: Do I need to administer MBP Solutions to my dog via a nature coning or just give them to him?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Just give them to him!
jerri’s Question: I am having total knee replacement in both knees 12-17. I take everything except Reproductive System (don't have one) in your 14-set MBP set, also ETS+, EoP, Seasonal. I'll take this all throughout the whole rehab/surgery process. Anything else I need to be using? Thank you. I believe these drops are the reason I'm still walking. So again: thank you. these two words are very small for a big feeling. j
MACHAELLE'S Answer: I recommend taking ETS Plus for Humans as soon after the surgery as you possibly can, and 3 times a day throughout the time you're in the hospital, plus one time after each rehab session. Now about that Reproductive System MBP, I recommend that you add that to your set now. Just because a person isn't reproducing, it doesn't mean they don't have a reproductive system. That includes women who have had hysterectomies. A hysterectomy doesn't remove the entire reproductive system, just certain parts of it. It's a complex system that involves many elements in many different areas of the body. I'll guarantee you, your surgery is going to impact every system in your body, including that part of the reproductive system you have left. Best of luck with your surgery.
Kimberly Sabrosky’s Question: With full permission from the director, I am working with some of the cats at a no-kill shelter. I have found it to be much more draining for me than working with my own cats. Why would this be, and what do you suggest?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, you're probably working with more cats. That could be the reason why it's more tiring. So pace yourself better and make sure you have enough water in your system and that you have eaten protein before starting. You can further hold up your stamina by taking a dose of Essence of Perelandra before you start the work.
Rita Judit Pump’s Question: Thank you!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: You're welcome!
Lynne’s Question: I can't hear my MAP team. So I set up the session but then don't interact with the team during the session. How can I optimize MAP and calibration sessions absent conscious communication?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: This one's simple. You may not be able to hear your MAP team, but your MAP team can sure hear you. So when you set it up, you must interact with your MAP team. They need to hear you and you need to talk. Your explanation is critical to how they approach working with your issue. And for more information on this, see my answer to Question #4 below. Also, you have the tool for conscious communication if you use kinesiology as your communication bridge between you and your team.
Barbara’s Question: I always have difficulty explaining to people what the 'Solutions' are and how they're made. I end up saying they're like flower essences. Can you help with a better explanation on how they're made?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: The problem with explaining how they're made is that the actual concept and steps behind their production process is beyond what anybody understands. A number of times people have accused me of not being forthcoming of how the Solutions and essences are made, and the problem is that I have, they just don't understand what I'm saying. So apparently we're into "sharing pain" day because I feel your pain, too. Often, when someone is asking about the Solutions, they're not asking "How is it made?" They're asking, "What does it do and is it going to kill me?" The answer is "Support the balanced function of your body system." and "No, it's not." But the only part of that they're going to understand is, "No, it's not." So I usually find the best way to get over this hurdle is to encourage them to choose a Solution that relates to a system they're having difficulty with and take that Solution daily for 2 or 3 months. When the bottle's empty, think about if they are feeling better or not. Most of the time they'll feel a distinct improvement and that alone will answer their questions for them. In order to enjoy a "perfect" slice of toast, you don't need to know exactly how the toaster works. You just need to use it and experience it.
Agustin’s Question: Hello from Spain, thank you very much for your work... Are in the way more Spanish translated Perelandra material? For example a subtitled Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens DVD.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Hey, terrific to hear from you in Spain! Hope you're having a warmer day than we are. Since I'm really lousy at learning different languages, I feel your pain. And not only do I write and speak English, I write and speak "American" which makes it even worse for you. So, as I said, I do feel your pain. We will be making translated transcripts of the DVDs available in the future. If you're on our free emailing list (Operation EarthSave), you'll receive an email notice when translations do become available.
Mary Sage’s Question: I have been taking your Seasonal Solution for the first time and have noticed how peaceful, balanced and happy I am. Has anyone else commented on this?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: People have made a number of comments over the years. Not specifically, "peaceful, balanced and happy" but definitely in the ballpark. Glad you're having such a good experience with it.
chris’s Question: Do MBPs have any effect to facilitate detoxing i.e. of heavy metals, chemicals, etc?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: The MBP Balancing Solutions optimize the body system's strength and balance which enables the body itself to process elements such as heavy metals and chemicals. So in this case, the body is facilitating the detoxing and the MBPs are facilitating the body.
Marian Woodard’s Question: Can someone learn kinesiology if they're recovering from an ICD (pacemaker and defibrillator) implant and on heart and blood pressure medicines? Will the meds and the sometimes artificial pacing affect the body's ability to respond accurately to muscle testing?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Well, that's an interesting question. The heart and blood pressure medicines will not affect the kinesiology at all. And since the purpose of the ICD implant is to stabilize you, that also should not have any impact on your kinesiology. In fact, it may improve your kinesiology results since it will also stabilize your electrical system. So I encourage you to forge ahead with confidence that the testing will be accurate for you.
Rose's Question: I have several SLGs going and on check-in all that is needed is more ETS+ for SLG (for order, organization, and life vitality). Is that usual? I'm questioning my testing re: not wanting too much to do.
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Actually, only you can answer this question Rose. One of the important side-effects of working with nature in partnership is that it requires you to be extraordinarily honest with yourself and with your partner. If you feel you're throwing the test, which is quite possible if you don't want to go beyond a certain point, then you'll need to decide if you want to put your cards on the table with your partner and say, "I don't want to do anything more than work with ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens." and accept the consequences of that decision. Or, recommit yourself to getting the real, accurate information and move forward in that direction. Either way, you're now being honest with yourself.
Suzanne's Question: I'm an anxious type, and I'm looking for information or maybe a pep talk. I'm sometimes demoralized by my insensitivity to the communication from nature and the White Brotherhood whether it's a garden, MBP, or MAP. Any suggestions to help me hang in there until the communication from my co-creative partners becomes more tangible than the yes/no of kinesiology testing?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: Okay Suzanne, here's the dirty little secret that nobody is telling you — the vast majority of people who work with nature and the White Brotherhood cannot hear a thing. They never hear anything and they never will hear anything. And they all depend on the kinesiology testing. Kinesiology is the bridge that was developed so that we who can't hear can get the information we need. I encourage you to embrace your fingers and just move forward! And remember that the partners you're working with on the other side of the equation are really grateful that kinesiology exists. Otherwise, they'd be talking to themselves. So there's your pep talk! Also, you're not "insensitive" to the communication — you're normal. You are not a lesser person if you use a shovel to dig a hole. And like the shovel, kinesiology is just a tool to get the job done efficiently.
Blanca's Question: Hi, I like to have my projects through soil-less gardens but I find the conings (specially if you need to make a Troubleshooting Process) very lengthy and literally I don´t have time. Any suggestion? Last time I had conings with my SLG was more than 3 weeks ago... Should I start all over again? Thanks!
MACHAELLE'S Answer: First I can say that the conings don't come with an expiration date, so the coning that you worked with 3 weeks ago is perfectly fine now. Like anything else that we would like to do in life, we're going to have to choose to make time to do it. There's nothing that I can do to help you about your schedule and the timing conflict that you're having with your soil-less garden process. You'll just need to make a choice. But the good news is that you don't need to start over again!
Rita Judit Pump's Question: BLESSINGS ON YOUR OPEN HOUSE! Yellow Rhythmic Ahau/Sun -Mayan Natural Time Calendar- Dear Machaelle, I have pine beetles presence in my Ponderosa tree and I am loosing the bark down to the fleshy skin to the tree. I will work with the Nature Spirits to heal it based on the trouble shooting in your Gardening book. To start however I would appreciate if you share your experience with this issue in Canada if you have any and the procedure/ protocol, which you already know. Love and Blessings Rita Canada BC
MACHAELLE'S Answer: I have no experience of this issue in Canada, or anywhere else. Other than to recommend the protocol as it's laid out in the Perelandra Garden Workbook, I can't give you any personal experience on this. But I can tell you that if the tree is losing a lot of bark, that could mean that you've already lost the tree. That's just to give you a "heads up" and to let you know that in your Garden Workbook testing you may get the strong feeling that you're going to have to remove the tree in order to protect the health of the other trees.
P's Question: If I'm having difficulty with menopause, both physically and emotionally, should I try Natural Aging?
MACHAELLE'S Answer: That's a good question. The answer is Yes!

SLG = "soil-less garden"
MBP = "Microbial Balancing Program"
MBPs = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
Solutions = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
EoP = "Essence of Perelandra"
DDP = "definition, direction, purpose"