Essential Garden Tools: EoP and the ETS Collection

ETS for Plants can be "foliar fed" using small misters, added to cans when watering, and when soaking seeds.
You'll use it for general strengthening, when plants are in distress, to alleviate the effects
of weather extremes and to help plants recover from insect damage.

Essence of Perelandra (EoP)
is used to strengthen seeds when they arrive in the mail, in the greenhouse and garden right after planting, and as part of our regular misting of seedlings. It's added to the germinating mix and potting soil for added strength and balance. And it too can help to rebalance plants after weather extremes and insect damage.

We've used EoP, and at other times, ETS for Plants, in our sprayers to strengthen all of the plants in the garden and help them adjust to extreme heat and UV exposure. When you use the Troubleshooting Process, nature will tell you which Solutions and energy processes to use for your situation and how best to apply them.

We add ETS for Plants to the water for muddying in at spring planting and ETS for Soil when transplanting.
Machaelle and nature developed a full collection of ETS Solutions that repair, support and strengthen Soil, Plants,
Water and Atmosphere. These are as important for garden maintenance as your trowel, rake and watering cans.
All of these Solutions and more are in the Co-Creative Gardener's Kit.

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