FIRENZE: Mud Angels, Part 2

Santa Croce, before the flood.

Santa Croce, after the flood.

Street leading to Santa Croce's piazza.

The first wave of Mud Angels sweeping out the mud inside Santa Croce. [pp. 214-215]

Mud Angels rescuing valuable artifacts from Santa Croce.

A cleaned and packed marble statue.

Mud Angels attaching rice paper to assist drying and keep paint chips from falling off. [pp. 215-216]

Santa Croce interior before the flood.

The high-water mark inside Santa Croce. [p. 231]

A Giotto fresco in Santa Croce.
The white "framing" is courtesy of Vasari's white-washing the walls in the 16th century. [pp. 224-225]

The damaged Cimabue Crucifix. [pp. 225-226]

The flooded cloister that the old friar with the keys didn't notice on the morning after the flood. [p. 225]

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