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Gardening Series, Part 10
Scheduling and Rolling On
from the Question Line Duo

Update: March 24, 2019

The Gardening Series


You are in the home stretch of getting your garden information. Last week, you found out how you'll be preparing your soil, what fertilizers to add and when you'll be planting (Part 8).

Now it's time to think about when you'll actually get outside and start preparing the garden for planting. You need to make your schedule and begin. Take advantage of any days with pleasant weather. Planting time will be here in the blink of an eye.


Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

TPGW p165

Begin reading on page 165 of the Garden Workbook at The Final Stage: "Rolling On" and continue through page 168.

In this section, Machaelle gives you some final pieces to think about and put on your schedule.

Get out your calendar and ask nature about these few remaining details. Then start scheduling them, so when your planting day(s) arrive, you and your garden are ready.

Note: For more scheduling ideas and a sample spring schedule, read pages 176 and 177.

Seeds As your seeds and plants arrive in the coming weeks, be sure to check that you've received what you ordered. Store your seeds in an organized manner, in a cool, dark place, so you can find what you need easily at planting time. If you are getting plants, prepare an area for them to be kept warm and cared for until danger of frost and freeze has passed.

We put together this special photo gallery to go with this Garden Series. We hope it will add clarity, give you new ideas and inspiration, and help you keep moving forward on this journey with us.

Spring Feature Gallery:
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