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Update: July 7, 2022

10 Timely Times To Use EoP

Essence of Perelandra

We use EoP every day, multiple times a day. And we could list a thousand ways the unique strengthening, stabilizing and balancing pattern in Essence of Perelandra (aka "EoP") can be used for:

  • your personal health and functioning.
  • your plants, soil, gardens and home.
  • your family.
  • your finances.
  • your goals.
  • your animals.
  • your darn near everything.

We're going to stick to ten examples here. And not just for the alliterative title! These ten ideas truly are timely. We hope you find them a helpful start to making the most of your EoP.


When taking EoP orally or working with nature to shift the pattern from a spoon: One dose is 10 drops.


Your Personal Health and Balance

For directions on how to use Essence of Perelandra for your personal health, see pages 5-6 of the EoP Brochure.

  • Take one dose (10 drops) of EoP orally to add balance, stability, strength and support for your overall health and well-being. Once a day is usually all you'd need. However, you can take a dose several times in a day when you're ill or recovering, or going through a challenging time.

  • Take one dose to support healthy and helpful responses and actions to recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings (or comparable, controversial court rulings in your home country or state).

  • Say out loud: "I'd like to focus this dose of Essence of Perelandra on the current economic crisis/economic instability and its impact on me physically, mentally and emotionally." Take one dose of EoP while you're still thinking about this goal. Learn More

  • Take two doses to help you address whatever it is that's making it uncomfortable to move your shoulders. The first dose is for strength, stability and support. The second dose is for the specific issue. Learn More

  • For a stress break: Put 1/3 of a cup of EoP into a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Or spritz your body from head-to-toe with EoP. Note: For a spritz or a soak to be effective, you must follow the directions given here.


Your Projects or Goals, and Your Environment

For directions on how to use Essence of Perelandra for a project or goal, including certain environmental goals, see pages 6-7 of the EoP Brochure.

In the examples below, when we say "shift EoP" it means do these five steps:
      1. State your goal, the purpose of the shift.
      2. Put 10 drops of EoP in a clean spoon.
      3. Hold the spoon out in front of you.
      4. Wait 10 seconds for the shift to occur. (Nature does this automatically.)
      5. Wipe off the spoon. The drops cannot be reused.

  • Should you have difficulty paying your mortgage or rent, state: "I'd like to focus this dose of Essence of Perelandra in light of the current economic crisis/instability and my need to keep up my mortgage/rent payments." and then shift EoP. (Learn more about using EoP during economic crisis here.)

  • In addition to taking an oral dose, you could address a different dynamic of your goal by shifting EoP to support your own healthy and helpful responses and actions to the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

  • Shift EoP to your bedroom environment for supporting getting a good night's sleep. (You could take an oral dose of EoP for this too!)

  • If your dog is behaving strangely and scared to even go outside for a bathroom break because of fireworks or smoke in the area or for some unknown reason, try shifting EoP to help them feel safe and protected.

  • Shift EoP once a month to your home's biosphere to address the damaging impact of climate change and support environmental biodiversity.


"EoP is the new Duct Tape. I've used 'intent' successfully over many years for making changes in my life, but adding EoP and nature to the mix has made the process faster, more fun and well, more natural. My home is more peaceful, harmonious and fun more of the time since I did the EoP shifting process for that intent. I LOVE the stuff!"


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