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Gardening Series, Part 14
The Planting Dance!

Update: April 30, 2023

The Gardening Series


You've been preparing for weeks and months. Now it's here . . . Planting Time!

We don't literally mean today. We know you've gotten your planting schedule from nature, and of course we want you to follow that.

When your planting days arrive, this inspiration from nature, plus Machaelle's instructions and our added tips, will help to make these days in your garden satisfying and joyful.

pg 187

Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

Now, or a few days before you start planting, read pages 187-191 in The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

Hint #1: Make a copy of these pages or print them from your ebook, and put your pages in plastic sheet protectors. This way, you can carry them with you into the garden along with your garden layout charts.

Hint #2: A clipboard is mighty handy for keeping your papers in order.


What else do you need before planting day?

pg 188

Some of these things are optional. We'll start with a few must-have items:

  • Layout charts

  • Garden Workbook pages 188-191

  • Watering can(s)
    - If you haven't already, ask nature if you are to add anything to the water you'll be using to "muddy in" after planting. See the instructions on pages 188-189.

  • Plants and seeds
    - Arrange them by section and row in trays. You'll be glad you did.
    - Just take the trays you need to the section you're working in and dig in. Leave the other trays in the shade until you need them.
    - Put seed packs in sealed plastic bags before you put them in the tray to keep them dry.

  • Measuring spoons

  • A bottle of ETS for Plants

  • A bottle of EoP (Essence of Perelandra)

  • If tested, liquid fertilizer and inoculant(s)

  • An EoP spoon
    - From your kitchen utensil drawer is fine. It just needs to be clean!

  • Other tools you may need:
    - A small shovel for large plants and shrubs
    - A hand fork and hand trowel
    - Our favorite: A large kitchen fork (It's perfect for gently working seeds into the soil!)
    - A basket for small rocks or weeds you remove as you dig or for seed pack and plant pot trash

start stop

At the end of each planting day, give your plants and seeds the added support of Essence of Perelandra. See page 190.

Thank your partner and hit the stop button before you head inside.


garden center

One more thing . . .

Sometimes folks feel lonely and a little crazy talking to nature and think they are the only co-creative gardener in their entire state or country. You're not alone! And here's something to think about before you head out to your garden. From "Pan on Plant Earth" in The Perelandra Garden Workbook  by Machaelle Wright:


"Allow me to give you another insight. The Aquarian impulses are already seated within the planet. Visualize, if you will, the planet as a container of these impulses. Energy held beneath the Earth's surface. This energy is seated within the very soul of the planet, seated within its heart. It is there to be released and integrated into all levels of life on the planet. Now, picture one small co-creative garden on the planet's surface. See it as a window into the interior of the planet, into its soul. As the gardener works to align this garden to the new dynamics, watch the window open and the energy contained within the core of the planet gently gravitate to and release through the window. Feel the sense of relief and freedom within the Earth's core as the energy moves outward and up. And watch the actions and the form living on the Earth's surface suddenly shift to reflect the impact of the heart energy that has now surfaced. That which exists on the surface has begun to connect to and integrate with the heart and soul of the planet, which, in turn, is fully aligned with the heart and soul force of the universe. As with the experience the human has when he consciously shifts his perceptions in such a way that the heart energy he holds deep within is suddenly released and allowed to surface, so, too, will Earth release its energy as each person opens the window through the framework of the co-creative garden to the heart and soul energy of the planet . . ." Read on »


Anytime you feel overwhelmed or get stuck, call our Question Hot Line. We will encourage you, get you unstuck and help you keep it manageable and simple.

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The Gardening Series