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Gardening Series, Part 16
Asking Smart Questions

Update: May 2023

The Gardening Series


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Good communication is the key to success in any partnership. This is just as true when your partner is nature. So this week, take some time to review Machaelle's tips on how to ask good, smart questions.

Think about what nature is saying to us about smart questions and how nature communicates with us while we are working in the garden, on a project, in the office, in any endeavor.


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Ahem . . . To all of you soil-less gardeners out there: This important information from The Perelandra Garden Workbook also applies to your partnership with nature!



From Nature on Smart Questions
This is a brilliant section from the Garden Workbook that anyone asking for nature's help will appreciate. It begins on page 68.

"Information is meant to be a dynamic energy, not a stagnant energy. . . . If you physically move with the information you receive, we can then expand our interaction through your physical movements. We can modify movement through intuition, and we can do it in the moment. Through the intuition, we can pass along nuances in action that were impossible to pass along to you on the mental level, resulting in a much broader understanding of that which you desire to know."



All Gardeners

Both Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners will be asking a lot of questions through the entire garden season — while out there working in your garden and sometimes when you are just walking through, admiring and observing.

TPGW p57

2.0 Gardeners will find themselves doing a lot of gut gardening and Gut Gardeners will want to ask some very specific yes/no questions. These suggestions from Machaelle will help all of you.

In Perelandra Garden Workbook, start reading on page 57, "Asking the Right Questions," and continue through "Nature on Smart Questions" and "Nature on Stagnant Information" on pages 68 and 69.



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For Self-Proclaimed Non-Gardeners

If you are not a gardener and you feel the Garden Workbook is "too much gardening information" — consider getting The Perelandra Garden Workbook ebook version anyway.

You'll be able to follow along with our tips and highlights like Asking Smart Questions, and you can print off the pages that are helpful for the areas of life where you partner with nature. Because nature is not just in a garden!


Here's A Question

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What can you do to support biodiversity and environmental health while helping to counter the damaging impact of climate change?

Start by participating in the monthly Perelandra EoP Biodiversity Process.

Share the Biodiversity Process with others. Give them a 1/2-oz. bottle of Essence of Perelandra (EoP) along with the easy-to-follow Biodiversity Process instruction card. (We'll send as many cards as you like with your order, just ask!)

Follow Machaelle's advice, grab your Perelandra Garden Workbook and ask nature what you can do for your land in light of the challenges and issues that are impacting it.

The Perelandra Garden Workbook is for everyone who wants to take positive steps for our environment. It's not just for gardeners.


Co-Creative Science 2nd Edition

Just as Co-Creative Science is so clearly not just for scientists! This book is for anyone and everyone who wishes to take positive steps forward in any goal. It is a primer and an advanced course for all gardeners, soil-less gardeners and even for those who only use the Perelandra products and processes for your personal health and balance. It will broaden your understanding of nature and your partnership.


If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Hot Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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