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Gardening Series, Part 17
Caring for Your Garden
from the Question Line Duo

Update: July 2, 2021

The Gardening Series

after planting

Are you sitting back (in the shade) this weekend, gazing happily over your newly planted garden? This is your reminder to take a moment to appreciate what you and your partner have accomplished.

You started a new relationship, you learned how to communicate with an "invisible" partner who speaks an entirely different language and together, you planted a garden. That's pretty darn cool!

What happens next? You care for your garden. You and your partner.

Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

pg 195

We're going to break your next chapter into two manageable pieces. This week, pour yourself a lemonade, have a seat and read from page 195 through the end of the first paragraph on page 202. Machaelle will give you an organized approach to keep your garden maintenance well in hand through the coming season.

Gut Gardeners, you don't have to use PKTT where questions are posed. You will continue to rely on your intuition as you think about and wonder what most needs your attention and care.

And 2.0 Gardeners, don't get locked in to always using PKTT. Be sure to allow nature to communicate with you through your intuition as you spend time in your garden. A co-creative partnership is much more than a list of yes/no questions. (Imagine if your only communication with a human partner or co-worker involved just yes/no questions and answers! Ugh.) Enjoy the opportunities to listen and work with nature in new ways while you are in your garden this summer.

plant pots

New to this?

Are you new to our Garden Series? Don't skip this message because you think you missed out on the season. You can get started anytime, and begin learning from the point you're at right now. There is no reason for a late start to keep you from beginning now. You don't even have to know anything about gardening. You can start with a container on your porch if you like. If you already have a garden going, bringing nature on board will only add to your success and increase the strength and balance of your garden.

Everyone must start with Part 1. But after you take that first step (it takes hardly any time at all!), come back to this article and continue with us through the rest of the season. All you need is The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

So what are you waiting for?! Start here: It's Garden Time (No green thumb required.)

If you're still going out and about shopping for more plants to add to your garden and home: Take nature with you to those plant sales.

If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Hot Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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