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Just One Bite at a Time Series: Soil-less Gardens Recap
Catch your breath, catch up, and catch some inspiration!

from the Question Line Duo

on the road

We've given you quite a bit of information on SLGs these past 2 months. It's wonderful to know a lot of you are working with your projects as we write this!

Now's your chance to take a breath and catch up on any of the SLG One Bites you missed, or need to read again:

To inspire you, here are some of the projects folks are partnering with nature to accomplish:

  • A career as a musician

  • Finding and then moving in to a new home

  • Being a quality team member at work

  • Financial balance and security

  • Hosting an extended family gathering

  • To protect from identity fraud (More about this one later!)

  • Writing a series of novels

  • Taking an month-long trip to experience Ireland

  • Exploring North America in a motorhome

  • To learn and use kinesiology well

  • Managing a large apiary (That's bees!)

  • Working to affect change and regulations of GMOs

You can start anytime, with nature as your partner in any endeavor. What are you waiting for?! You can do it!


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