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One Bite at a Time Soil-less Gardens Series, Part 10
How PIC Helps Your Projects & Goals

Beach Tools This is a special follow-up to our recent message about PIC. Do you know how helpful the PIC Classroom and PIC List Testing can be as you tend to your soil-less garden?

We have used the words "easy" and "comprehensive" a lot when describing what PIC offers.

Now we're going to give you some ideas of how this easy, comprehensive tool applies to you and your soil-less garden (SLG) project.

The PIC Classroom isn't just for beginners.
It's for everyone, including you.

If you're among the many who have wondered why ETS for Soil is needed when working with a soil-less garden, ask the PIC Classroom.

If you would like to better understand the what ETS for Soil-less Gardens is doing compared to what Essence of Perelandra (EoP) is doing when you shift it, ask the PIC Classroom.

If you have decided not to get the two Rose Essences Sets yet, even though they support your project and you as a soil-less gardener, you can ask the PIC Classroom to help you make sense of why and when these Essences would be needed. And when you start using them, you can ask the PIC Classroom to help you understand what they're doing for you and your project.

PIC cat

Are you picking up on the theme here? Because PIC is working with you directly, you can absorb the information in a useful context, in the timing that's right for you.

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Idea Girl

Before you get any ideas:

PIC provides personalized insight. The information you get won't apply to everyone — even if they are addressing the same or a similar situation. If you share your experience with others, that's fine. They may find it helpful or encouraging. Just be clear that it was your understanding in light of your specific questions and situation. It does not apply to everyone.

PIC List Testing isn't just for your health.
It's for the world around you, including your SLG.

This is where the comprehensiveness kicks in.

You can use PIC List Testing for your established soil-less garden(s), for an issue that's come up in your project or for any large or small goal.

When we use the PIC List in these areas, we provide unprecedented, balanced support to our projects and goals — the same high quality help that PIC units provide for human health issues.

Here are a handful of examples that could be used as a PIC List focus:

  • The general balance, stability and strength of my SLG for _____________.

  • Two staff members are preparing to retire. I want to support a calm, productive work environment for my business during this time of transition.

  • Our 50th anniversary celebration is in two weeks. The caterer just cancelled! My goal is to quickly find a new caterer that will meet all of the criteria in my anniversary celebration DDP.

  • I want to reduce my weekly household waste to one 13-gallon kitchen trash bag and one 13-gallon recyclables bin.

  • To help me find and take every opportunity to teach interested neighbors about alternatives to using pesticides in their homes, yards and gardens.

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Feeling inspired? That's great! We are too. . . .

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