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Just One Bite at a Time Series: Soil-less Gardens, Part 8
A handy worksheet for your projects and goals.

from the Question Line Duo


For all of you out there who got started with your first soil-less garden (SLG) project this summer, we hope things are going well!

For those of you who may have been too busy to check or email or have hesitated to begin working with nature in this way, you have an opportunity today to set things in motion! You'll find an introduction and links to every article in the series here:


If you're wondering how in the heck you're supposed to try learning about soil-less gardens or working with nature with everything that's going on these days . . .

We're here to say that, in fact, now is the perfect time. If you want to contribute to the balance and well being of your community, country, continent, constellation . . . we suggest you partner up with the experts. Nature is the expert when it comes to balance and ecology.

We found this recent article from Time magazine to be simple, honest and quite helpful: The Tragedies of 2017 Will Test the Bonds That Connect Us, Now and for Years to Come by Susanna Schrobsdorff »

It ends with this inspiring idea:

Maybe the answer is for each of us to choose one thing to fix and not let go. Take a tiny piece of a larger disaster and make it your responsibility, whether it means agitating for funding in Washington or sending a holiday package to a child who lost their home or a parent who lost their child. And not just this year, but next year too and the year after. Because that's what it's going to take to heal a nation.

If this sounds as brilliant to you as it does to us, consider creating a soil-less garden project for your new goal.

And if you're feeling brave or would like to inspire others, send an email to us and share what you decided to do. We'll collect them and post them anonymously on our website or in the next email for this series.

3 Solutions

There's a simple way to work with nature for your goal, even without an "official" SLG.

You can quickly and easily work with nature to support your projects and goals anytime with one, two or all three of these Perelandra Solutions: Essence of Perelandra (EoP), ETS for Soil-less Gardens and ETS for Soil. You'll find easy-to-follow steps with examples here:


Now it's even simpler!

We've put together a new quick-reference worksheet to help you determine which Solutions you may need for each goal and correctly go through the steps to shift the Solution(s). We offer you the:


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