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Gardening Series, Part 2
Your Garden's Location, Shape and Size

Update: January 31, 2021

The Gardening Series


garden example

We are happy and excited for all of you who have activated co-creative gardens and began (or renewed) your partnership with nature. And a special welcome to those who are gardening with their nature partner for the first time.

Congratulations! We're rooting for you!

If you missed Part 1, start the garden series at the beginning here.

In today's session with your teammate, nature, you are going to learn the location, the shape and the size of your garden.

garden example

That's it! For some of you, some of this may have already been narrowed down by your DDP.

If you're planning a patio or deck garden, you'll obviously be working within that space, but you still need to determine where on the patio those planted areas will be, and how much of the patio will contain plants.

How many containers will you need? What kind of containers? Will they be on the railing? Around the border? On the ground? In the center? In more than one place?

If your DDP involves an existing garden, you can work with nature to determine if you are to begin your co-creative work in just a portion of that garden this year, or if you are to change the shape or size.

Even if you're starting with a blank slate on your land, Machaelle's step-by-step instructions will make locating your new garden a breeze.

Gut Gardeners

You have two pages of the Garden Workbook to read.

Start at the top of page 23 and read through the 5th paragraph on page 24.

You will be learning how to start and stop the conversation with your partner. Then you will get the location, shape and size of your garden.

When you finish reading those two pages, do it!

TPGW p23

2.0 Gardeners

You'll be reading about six pages.

Open your Workbook to Chapter 5, page 77. Read to the Stop button on page 82.

You can break it down into three short sessions this week:

  1. Read pages 77-79 and do that.

  2. Read page 80 and do it.

  3. Read from page 81 to the middle of page 82. Then do it.

TPGW p77

start and stop buttons

Returning Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

Location, shape and size are the three aspects of a garden that tend not to change from year to year. Still, you are going to ask if there are any changes to your garden's location, shape or size this year. Follow the steps above.

If you significantly changed or expanded your DDP: You may find that the location, shape and size of your garden must change or expand as well.


Remember to celebrate with a cup of hot cocoa after you complete this week's step with nature. You now know your garden's location, shape and size!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, it's not too late and there are countless meaningful reasons to begin. We are confident you can complete both that first step and this new one before Part 3 of our series next week.

Part 1: It's Garden Time! (No "green thumb" required.)

Anytime you feel overwhelmed or get stuck, call our Question Hot Line. We will encourage you, get you unstuck and help you keep it manageable and simple.

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The Gardening Series