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November 20, 2021

hang in there frog

20 moments you'd be wise to have ETS for Humans with you!

We recommend everyone take ETS for Humans twice daily, or more often as needed. It will help you to continue to think clearly and move forward through difficult days.

If you've been knocked for a loop and are dealing with any type of sudden, unexpected, jarring or life-changing emergency or event: Take ETS more often, 3-5 times daily.

Right now, you can get three 1/2-oz. bottles of ETS for Humans for just $20. Not only is this a great savings — it's a fantastic way to make sure you have ETS for Humans on hand, in all the places you might need it. (Umm . . . if you're anything like us, that would be all the places you go.)

Here are 20 scenarios when it would be wise to use ETS:

  • You walked into the kitchen table (again).

  • You just got a shot or vaccination.

  • You slipped on the stairs and now you know why they call it a "landing."

  • Your dog suddenly took off after something (a rabbit? a squirrel? a yeti?) and just about took your arm off too.

  • You just finished up a visit with your chiropractor.

  • You took that first sip of coffee too soon and burned the crap out of your tongue.

  • You're chopping up some peppers for dinner and the knife slipped.

  • You're chopping up some peppers for dinner and you accidentally touch your lip with pepper juice! (This happened. Read the story here.)

  • You just received news that a dear friend or loved one has died.

  • You're dealing with a serious illness and you just took a pill that sometimes makes your lunch come back up.

  • You're about to go into the grocery store for the first time in what feels like forever and you can't quite catch your breath.

  • You're about to open a bill you didn't know was coming.

  • Your doctor just called with your test results.

  • You're about to leave your child with a sitter for the first time.

  • You were in a fender-bender and you're waiting for the tow truck to arrive. (This is a good time to have ETS in vinegar preservative!)

  • You're an ER nurse and were just told that wave of patients will arrive simultaneously. (Another good time to have vinegar preservative.)

  • You zigged when you should have zagged and now you're laying on the ground waiting for the spasms to stop.

  • You just completed a dental appointment.

  • You just left a counseling session (and might have preferred to have been at the dentist!).

  • You tried to close the car door but your fingers were in the way.

Taking ETS doesn't make a crisis go away. It repairs blown circuits and provides balancing support to your system as you address the crisis and resulting stress.

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