Part 10: The Elemental Annex

The elemental annex is the nature spirit center at Perelandra. We think of it as the elemental office building! It was dedicated to nature and activated by the nature spirit level and Machaelle in 1982 when Machaelle agreed to shift the garden from one that was focused on family food production, to one that was focused on research.

The area is fenced and we agree not to enter, as it is a gift from Machaelle to nature.

I'd like to read an excerpt about nature spirit sanctuaries from a Perelandra Garden Workbooksession by Pan.

"As each sanctuary is made available by man and activated by the nature spirits, it will send out the word that once more man and nature are ready to work together — only now they are ready to work in an equal, co-creative partnership. And, as each sanctuary is activated around the world, you will feel, even see, the nature spirits moving out of their protective isolation to re-enter the world at large for the purpose of respiritualizing the planet."

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