Part 6: The Insect Sanctuary

The Insect Sanctuary was requested by nature and added to the garden environment in 1992. We like to refer to it as Bug Boulevard. However, nature explained that this space was not designed to specifically attract insects. We already had a number of areas in the garden environment designed to attract and give refuge to insects. The Insect Sanctuary functions as the center of the insect balancing work that had been previously done in the center of the main garden. It's design and planting patterns support and stabilize this balancing work.

In the middle of the insect sanctuary there is a square piece of slate and quartz crystals. Throughout the growing season, Machaelle checks with the Overlighting Deva of Insects for any needed balancing. If needed, a flower essence solution or ETS Plus for Animals is placed in a bowl on the slate and administered to the insect population by nature. The first year Machaelle observed some immediate shifts in insect activity throughout the entire garden area and Perelandra, as well. Since 1992, the changes have continued and the interaction between insects and the garden have "softened."

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