Part 8: The Woods-Edge & Meadow and the Wildflower Triangle

The woods-edge is the area just outside the east garden fence that contains cedar trees, bushes, wildflowers, berry thickets and poison ivy. It stretches from the garden to the road in front of Perelandra.

The meadow is the area next to the woods edge that contains grasses and wildflowers. They are both an important part of the garden-area balance. The amount of space that comprises each area is deliberate. Machaelle was told by nature how much area is to be mowed and how much is to be left as meadow and woods-edge. These areas house all sorts of small wild animals and birds.

On the garden side of the fence, we have the wildflower triangle. This has been helpful in the insect projects we've been working on over the years. This area is particularly active when insects that hatch in the garden are to disperse throughout the garden area as a whole. The wildflowers give the insects an inviting place to disperse.

Also, along the edge of the woods and on the sides of the larger barn are bat houses. Each evening bats cruise around the garden getting their fill of insects.

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