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Gardening Series, Part 22
Your Fall and Winter Garden

Update: September 2021

The Gardening Series



Putting the garden to bed, or starting anew.

"By early fall, the Perelandra garden begins to recover from the hot, dry summer days and it takes on a breathtaking beauty. The flowers especially appreciate the shorter days and softer sun. Everything has a sense of completion — not that intensity we feel throughout the height of the growing season. It reminds me of an older person who has lived well and is now moving through the later years with an air of wisdom and calm, knowing that there are many things in life one need not get in a huge fluff about."

Next summer's garden actually begins with putting this year's garden to bed. What you do for your garden now and through this season will lay the foundation for the coming year.

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Gut Gardeners and 2.0 Gardeners

On putting your current garden to bed: Read pages 223 to 225 of your Garden Workbook to learn how to build your fall/winter garden maintenance list with nature.

If you suddenly want to keep your garden going through the fall and winter: Hit the start button and tell your nature partner of your decision right away. Then open your Garden Workbook to Chapter 13 and read pages 226 to 228. If you've already set up your fall/winter maintenance list, you will need to update/retest the list for putting the garden to bed and then move forward with your fall/winter gardening setup.

Perelandra Garden Workbook

If you're not a gardener and find yourself intrigued, or if a friend forwarded this article to you and you wish o learn more, you can get the ebook version of The Perelandra Garden Workbook and start reading today. (Also available in softcover or 3-ring binder format.)



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