I was in England visiting my husband's family over the holidays. Two days after Christmas, as we were preparing to leave my mother-in-law's house, the flame on a storage heater (no central heating in old cottages!) caught my dressing gown and night dress on fire. To make a long story short, I spent the next seven weeks and two days in the burn unit of a British hospital.

I had never used MAP, but had been using Perelandra Essences for about two months. I had read the MAP book on the plane to England. It made sense to me to use the essences and MAP in this crisis.

There I was, a person who used essences and some therapeutic touch techniques regularly, severely burned. As I was going into the ambulance, I mentally called my MAP team and verbally asked my husband to bring the essences and my glasses in his bag. In the ambulance, I attempted to mentally "open chakras" as I'd learned to do and also asked my MAP team to do whatever they could. I used a technique called "unruffling" to minimize the burns on my left hand (it worked, but the attendant told my husband that sometimes the pain makes people lose their minds temporarily) and I could feel my MAP team doing it to my back. It felt great — really helped with the pain.

Right from the start, as soon as I could move enough to get the essences out of my locker, I tried to take essences as needed. It was a few days before the blisters on my left hand were gone and I could actually test, so I tried intuition. My poor husband helped with the little bottles, giving me the ones I asked for. I didn't get dosages, as my condition was changing so rapidly.

After about two to three weeks, I phoned my massage therapist just to hear a cheerful American voice. She reminded me about formal MAP sessions. (I'd chatted casually to my team, but not tried the real MAP.) I tried it that night at about 2 a.m. It was superb. I felt like I connected easily and got a good feeling from the scanning session. I guess it felt like calling in the cavalry and having them actually arrive.

After that, I held sessions almost every night, sometime between 2 and 5 a.m. I was awake that time anyway because of discomfort or noise on the ward, until it became a habit to wake then. My burn wound (25 percent of my body burned second to third degree) healed unusually quick. I was healing well in most areas, and the doctors stopped suggesting skin grafts. There was one area that was not healing as well until a nurse did some fairly aggressive treatment. After that, I held sessions focusing on the area. It reduced by 50 percent in two days — practically unheard of!

As I healed, my MAP team felt that the dead skin and "gunge" (my word) needed to be removed more often than every other day. As this was painful, I wasn't too thrilled! However, they allowed me to get a very mild staph infection so the nurses had to treat the burn daily for about a week. In a session, they "told" me (through an insight) that this was why they'd allowed it. It worked. The burn healed rapidly during this time. Despite my being in an old, open ward where infections were prevelant, I had only mild ones. When experienced burn nurses asked what I was doing to heal so quickly, I just smiled.

After seven weeks and two days, I came home just about healed. I'm in pretty good shape now, well enough to drive and do whatever I want. I am very happy and I continue to support my new skin as prescribed. I guess this is a case of using good "regular" care, MAP and flower essences to good advantage.

— N.B., Virginia