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Update: January 25, 2023

A gentle, important reminder:

Take Your ETS

There have been 39 mass shootings in the U.S. in the last three weeks. [NBC, CBS]

For the individuals, families and communities directly impacted, their loss and trauma is heartbreakingly clear. For those struck by past gun violence, these events can trigger that trauma.

If you are fortunate to have not been directly involved in this or past gun violence, it may feel like you are no longer affected by this kind of news, because we are so used to hearing it so often now. But it is still having an impact. When we are numbed by or even when we feel numb to tragic news, we need the repair and support ETS gives.

Personally, many of us are filing away what we see happening to others, believing and hoping it can't happen to us or our loved ones, but knowing the reality that exists. And that creates a terrible stress.

So here is something that you can do for yourself right now:

If you have ETS for Humans,
take one dose twice a day, every day

so you can keep breathing, and thinking, and moving forward
as you process what's happening in the world around you.
Make sure your kids take their doses, too.


If you feel completely knocked for a loop, if you have been directly, personally impacted or if you are dealing with any kind of sudden, unexpected, jarring or life-changing emergency or event:   Take ETS 3-5 times daily.

Continue these more frequent daily doses until you gain a better sense of stability. Then switch back to twice daily.


Step 2

When you're ready, if you have Essence of Perelandra (EoP), we suggest you take it as well.

Take one dose (10 drops) of EoP for your overall, general balance.

Then take one more dose. This one is to help you flip the script on that pain, grief, frustration and anger and turn it into something useful. Before you take these EoP drops, say out loud: "I would like to take a dose of EoP to help me recognize and act on the best way to help stop gun violence in my community and in my country." Take those 10 drops of EoP while thinking about your goal.

Whatever idea occurs to you, whether big or small, that's your next step. Here are a few suggestions we have made before and wish we didn't have to make again. The people at the forefront of this work would rather be able to do something else with their lives as well. But we suspect it's a luxury they don't often entertain.

Whatever it is, may it be your first of many steps you take to help make a difference. Thank you.


How to Use ETS for Humans | Order ETS for Humans | The Crisis ETS Service


ETS for Humans

It can be difficult for us to choose when to remind you to take ETS. (Should we say it for this event, when we didn't mention the one two weeks ago, just as horrific?) And we know if we over-remind, it becomes easy to tune out the message. Unfortunately, so many tragic events are happening in the world, it would be irresponsible of us not to remind you to take your ETS when needed.

So, we have thought of a way to simply say to you, as often as needed, "This is a time to take your ETS."

When we learn of large scale tragedies, in the U.S. and internationally, we will post a small bottle of ETS for Humans to the top right corner of our website, and post a photo of it on Facebook to remind you: Take ETS now.

That's the signal: A picture of ETS for Humans that's linked to this message on our website.

When you see that bottle, it's your reminder to take ETS right now, and continue to take it 3 to 5 times daily for the next 5 days. (Or take it longer if you need.)

This is to get you into the habit of automatically reaching for ETS anytime you receive news that shocks and hurts you. It's hard to think straight at those times, so it has to be a habit that requires no thought.