Update: March 4, 2021

Shot 2

Shot #2.
What a relief.
We march forward.

I had another great nurse with a terrific sense of humor. We chatted and agreed that by the time people get to the center of the facility and sit down for their shot, they are in great moods. She's happy to be doing that work. Beats what they all went through last April, she says.

February 5, 2021

A message from Machaelle about vaccination.

Hi Everyone,

We have been getting a bunch of calls asking what we are doing about the Covid vaccines and if we plan to get vaccinated. I just got my first shot [Moderna] a couple of hours ago and thought I’d weigh in on the experience. Like many of you, I debated about whether or not to get the shot. I’ve been well-sequestered and well-isolated since last February. Perelandra has a number of health programs that I strongly feel could get me through Covid-19. I watched the coverage of the vaccine development carefully and at first I thought I would put myself at the “end of the line” so that others who are more in harm’s way than I am could get their shot ahead of me.

What turned me around? Well, for one thing it was a call two days ago from my local public health folks asking if I’d like to make an appointment. I didn’t hesitate and said yes. Also it was seeing coverage of the over-extended and exhausted front liners who needed a break. The more people who are vaccinated, the fewer people require hospitalization. Then I listened to the coverage of the Covid variants cropping up around the world and our nation’s public health officials begging people to please get vaccinated before these variants take over and dominate the virus and pandemic. I feel that in a situation such as this it is my responsibility as a citizen to do what’s best for the larger pandemic picture despite the Perelandra advantages I have at my fingertips.

M arm jab bandaid

So I made an appointment for today, opened up a MAP Emergency Coning and explained what I was doing, stuffed a bottle of ETS for Humans in my pocket and headed out to Germanna College. It was a wonderful, well-organized, friendly experience that made me feel lucky to be able to participate in. The shot, which I was a bit nervous about since I haven’t had a vaccination since 1966 and generally I hate pain, was totally painless. They’ve improved needle technology in the past 54 years! The whole process took 10 minutes plus the 15 minutes sitting time at the end before leaving.

I was glad for the 15 minutes because it gave me time to sit quietly and observe what was going on around me. Everyone was calm and friendly towards vaccinators and vaccinated alike. As for me personally, I could feel my arm get a little sore — a normal side effect from the shot. But mostly I was smiling and felt relieved and free. I was now one step closer to being free from this pandemic.

I plan to have another MAP session tonight just to make sure all is progressing as it should. As of this moment, I can’t feel any symptoms. I look forward to March when I get my second pain-free shot.

I hope this helps you as you consider the best path forward for yourself. Stay safe.