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September 13, 2020

Dear folks,

To say we are going though unusual times is probably an understatement of the grossest magnitude. There are hardly words to describe what we are having to deal with. For me it feels as if the past 44 years of Perelandra research, development and outreach have led to our being able to offer a strong helping hand to a large group of people right now. Back in December when I read the reports out of China and saw we were headed into a pandemic and things were about to get dicey, the Perelandra staff took my warnings seriously and stepped up their efforts to make sure we are prepared for what was to come. Our goal is to give you the information and provide the products needed for you to work with to get you and your family through in one piece. It’s been a challenge to keep on top of everything and, to be honest, we get tired. Really tired. As with you, the additional concerns and effort can be exhausting. So, I’m writing this to thank you. Thank you for the notes and messages of gratitude you have sent to us over the months. When they come in, our customer service crew collects them and emails them to everyone on staff. We get a good boost from them. I just wanted you to know that your gratitude, cheers and good wishes are helping us to carry on.

And now we move forward together as we enter the fall/winter phase. Again, thank you.

Be safe,
Machaelle Wright

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