About Conings

A coning is a balanced vortex of conscious energy. The simple way to explain a coning is to say that it is a conference call. It is as simple to create and activate a coning as it is to connect with a single nature intelligence. But, with a coning, we are working with more than one intelligence simultaneously.

A coning, by its nature, has a high degree of protection built in. When working with more than one intelligence, it is important to define exactly which ones are involved. All others are excluded by the mere fact that they have not been activated. In essence, a coning creates not only the team but also the room in which the team is meeting. The coning is created and activated by us — the human team member. Only those with whom we seek connection will be included. Others will not "slide" in and out of a coning on their own. This adds to the exceptional degree of protection contained within the coning.

For clarity and strength, it is important that a balance be maintained between the involution dynamics and the evolution dynamics within the coning. A 4-point coning maintains that necessary balance between (a) involution or nature, through its connection with the devic and nature spirit levels and (b) evolution, through its connection with the White Brotherhood level and the higher self of the person working in the coning.

Different conings are set up for different purposes. The balance between involution and evolution remains but the team members change, depending on the work to be done. For example, in a Healing Coning, the Deva of Healing is activated along with Pan, a general connection to the White Brotherhood and the higher self of the person doing the work. In a Garden Coning, the deva of a specific garden is activated along with the other three team members.

Regarding the link with the White Brotherhood: The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. A general link with the White Brotherhood assures that the evolutionary dynamic in the coning is aligned with the intent and direction of the new Aquarian shift.

To open a coning, link with each appropriate member individually. Simply state:

I would like to open a coning. I would like to be connected with:

1. The Deva of _____. (In the case of the Healing Coning, connect with the Deva of Healing.) Either wait 10 seconds for the connection or use kinesiology to verify the connection.

2. Pan. Wait 10 seconds or verify with kinesiology. (Pan maintains consistency in the coning and gives assurance that the nature spirit activity and input is fully covered at all times.)

3. The White Brotherhood. Wait 10 seconds or verify.

4. My higher self. Wait 10 seconds or verify.

You are now ready to do the work you wish. Simply follow the rest of the steps of any process that includes a coning.

Once the work or process is complete, thank your team for its assistance and ask to be disconnected from each member one at a time:

1. The specific deva. (Either wait 10 seconds for disconnection or verify you are disconnected by asking, "Am I disconnected from _____?" Then test. If you receive a negative, simply refocus on the coning and again request to be disconnected. You simply lost your focus the first time. After the second time, you will test positive.

2. Pan. Wait 10 seconds or verify.

3. The White Brotherhood. Wait 10 seconds or verify.

4. Your higher self. Wait 10 seconds or verify.

It is important to close down a coning because it is a physical energy reality that interacts with you while it is activated. If you leave a session without closing the coning, you will feel an energy drain shortly. It is no harder to close a coning than to open one. No member is going to resist a disconnection any more than a member would resist a connection. You are the one in command of the creation, activation and dismantling of the coning.

IMPORTANT: For more information on creating and working in a coning, I recommend the books Co-Creative Science and Perelandra Garden Workbook II: Co-Creative Energy Processes for Gardening, Agriculture and Life. This book has a chapter that is especially important when working in conings other than a Healing Coning. For complete information on how to work in a Healing Coning, see the Perelandra Paper: Calibration Process and MAP.