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Troubleshooting: Accident Aftermath

Recently I was involved in a non-injury car accident. The other driver, without any signal, had made a U-turn in front of me, and we collided causing damage to both cars. Although I took essences myself, afterwards I found I was handling the accident aftermath too emotionally. I was nervous driving, and I linked mentally to the accident site and kept replaying the incident in my mind. I became emotionally connected to the other driver, allowing her to upset me when she phoned to get me to take responsibility for her errors. I didn't take responsibility but I reacted with fear and confusion. Also I lost faith in a good outcome for all and faith in my ability to put my side of the situation across clearly and in a straightforward manner.

Four days later, I realized that the accident and its aftermath were in need of troubleshooting. I opened a coning for the Troubleshooting Process for my accident on this street on this date. I connected to the overlighting devas of my car, the appropriate insurance companies and asked for connections to any other devas appropriate for me to connect to. Then I connected to Pan, the appropriate link with the White Brotherhood and my higher self.

Testing of the Troubleshooting Process showed I needed to do the following processes in this order:

  1. Energy Cleansing Process on the whole accident. For focus, I wrote on a piece of paper "Car Accident," the date and the street name.
  2. Soil Balancing and Stabilizing Process for my car.
  3. Energy Cleansing Process on my car.
  4. Calibration Process on my car.
  5. Soil Balancing and Stabilizing of specific environment (i.e., the accident site).

After completing the processes, I wanted to get in my car and go for a drive! I felt a sense of quiet and balance around the accident and an awareness that it had happened in the past and was over. The emotional connection to the other driver had dissipated and I felt that any further contact was unnecessary. My faith in a good outcome for all was renewed. Most surprising and welcome of all was a recognition and appreciation of my own driving skills at the time, in that my reactions had not caused the accident to be more serious than it had been. I now have a feeling that I am moving forward and getting on with the rest of my life again instead of being stuck in the place and time of the accident. Many thanks to everyone at Perelandra.

Catherine Overhauser


Editor's Note: Hey, Folks! Here's a big, as in B-I-G hint: Keep a bottle of your ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) in your car for anything from a bee in your backseat or a deer in the road to a serious accident.