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May 1, 2023

Welcome, added relief when
you get bit or stung.

Bites and Stings

For anyone who spends time outdoors or in any environment where you're going to interact with a living thing that may bite, sting or latch onto you and snack on your blood (Hint: These days, that's everyone!), we suggest you give yourself the balancing and strengthening support provided by the Bites & Stings Solution.

It has a building effect when oral doses are taken consistently over time, so the sooner you get started, the more effective it can be. It is most helpful to begin taking Bites & Stings about one month prior to insect season, but you can start anytime. Like now!

It addition to those oral doses, you can experience relief by applying Bites & Stings topically to the affected area as well.

Here are three experiences shared by Perelandra staff who tried topical application of Bites & Stings:

"I was standing outside near the woods talking with a co-worker and the mosquitos were eating me up. I went back to my desk with one arm full of swollen, itchy bites. I applied Bites & Stings and voila! I was fine, stopped the itch right away and all evidence of bites was gone in a few hours. This was even better than ETS for bites and stings!"

Gardener Moose

"After an afternoon walk with the dog through an area we hadn't visited in a while, blistery bubbles started to appear on my ankles, knees and mid-section. When Jeannette pointed out that rather than spontaneous body-wide poison ivy, it was far more likely that I'd come across a nest of chiggers on my walk — I got a 2-oz. bottle of Bites & Stings and a new spray nozzle, washed the nozzle, went to the bathroom and spritzed everywhere that itched. That provided the relief I needed to get through the rest of the workday."

"I had gotten at least 15 bee stings on the back of my calf. We have several thriving bee hives. We're usually dressed in proper protective gear and moving at a pace the bees are comfortable with. But a hellish storm blew through and knocked over a hive that was 5 boxes high. Tens of thousands of bees had spent the night exposed to the elements and those bees were not happy. We rushed out to help them without taking the time to dress properly. While we were putting the hive back together a bunch of bees went into my boot and let me know how badly I had dressed! I took ETS for Humans orally and applied it topically. Then I took Bites & Stings orally for good measure. But there was still a good bit of pain and itching going on. Beth suggested topical Bites and Stings and it worked wonders. I applied it a few times through the afternoon and evening. Each time the pain and itch would immediately go away, for hours. And by the next morning, it hardly looked like anything had happened to me."



If you have allergic reactions to insects that require allergy medicine, keep that medicine on hand until you are absolutely sure you don't need it.


Instructions for applying Bites & Stings topically.

  • The topical application of Bites & Stings would be in addition to your daily oral dose(s).

  • Use a dedicated spray nozzle that fits onto a 2-oz. bottle.

  • Clean the nozzle well before the first use.
    Store it between uses in a clean, clearly marked container.

  • Do not store the plastic spray nozzle in your 2-oz. Solution bottle.

  • Do not use the same sprayer for different Perelandra Solutions.
    We sell sprayers that fit onto the 2-oz. amber bottles for $.55 each here.

The Bites & Stings Solution is for humans only. It is to be taken twice daily for the first 3 months (once daily after that). It comes in a 2-oz. dropper bottle that yields around 150 doses, which will last one person approximately two months when taking it twice daily. Of course, you will go through a 2-oz. bottle faster when also using it topically.

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