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Gardening Series, Extra Credit
A Pinch of Salt
Adding minerals and crystals, or a focal point
to your co-creative garden.

February 2022

The Gardening Series


The center of the Perelandra garden is the focal point — surrounded by a round band of buddleia bushes, a slate path encircling an herb band, and inside that, a circle of stones on which are placed certain minerals. Inside the mineral ring is a Genesa crystal. Everything that is a part of this center area is there because nature said it belongs as part of the balance of this garden.

Not all gardens have focal points. Not all gardens will need or benefit from the addition of minerals, stones or crystals. To find out if your garden should include a focal point, mineral or gem, all you need do is ask.

splash gardeny

Do not try to replicate the Perelandra garden. Really. Don't copy the Perelandra garden. That choice will take you down a frustrating road that'll eventually bring you back to what you should have done in the first place — find out what's right for your garden.

We're spotlighting the focal point because there might be more than plants, soil and fertilizer that are important to the balance of your garden. It could be minerals or gems, or an object that changes the balance of energy.

Your garden focal point might be a bench or a folding lawn chair to remind you to take time to sit and enjoy your garden sometimes. Or it might include a sculpture. Or it might be a plain ol' river rock. Or a waterfall. Or there may not be a focal point for your garden this year. . . . As with choosing your plants and seeds carefully with nature, it's important to choose the other elements you add by asking nature what belongs. What, if anything, will add to the balance?

Only test things you're truly willing to add. Don't bother asking if you are to build a gazebo next to your garden this year if you know there isn't a chance in hell that you're going to do that! Keep it simple and be respectful of your own timing regarding what you're drawn to and comfortable adding right now. A focal point or mineral/gem addition would be for contributing to the balance of your garden, and not just to make your garden look "special."

Nature suggests that when adding extra minerals, we should think of it as adding salt to a fine pot of soup just before serving. A pinch is perfect, but anything over a pinch would make the soup inedible. — Machaelle Wright, The Perelandra Garden Workbook

TPGW p137

Read pages 137-141 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook, and then ask the questions.

Trust your gut responses or use PKTT to find out if there is something beneficial to add to your garden.

Go for it, you wonderful co-creative gardeners!


If you feel overwhelmed, get stuck or have questions about these instructions, call our Question Hot Line. We enjoy helping you through blocks, and keeping the steps manageable and simple.

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