Advanced MBP Balancing Solution Use
By Machaelle Wright

The MBP Balancing Solutions were developed to be simple to use. If you are using them as outlined in the MBP Balancing Solutions Brochure, you are getting the full benefit and support as they were intended. However, I've found that it is possible to expand the use and benefits of the Solutions. For this, you will need to know how to do PKTT (Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique) and how to do telegraph testing. Instructions for learning PKTT are available in many of our books, videos, papers and [HERE]. Instructions for telegraph testing are included in the book, The Perelandra Essences.

I am presenting the following information assuming you already know how to kinesiology test and are familiar with telegraph testing.

Testing for Morning Dosage
In the mornings, PKTT test for which systems need a morning Solution dose. With this testing, you remove the guesswork and eliminate waste by taking only what you need. Set up for this testing by stating (aloud or to yourself): 'Which MBP Balancing Solutions do I need to take this morning'? Then test the bottles as you would test your essences. The bottles that test positive are the Solutions your systems need that morning. Remember to wait 20 - 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

Telegraph Testing for Specific Situations
You can receive additional help by telegraph testing the Solutions for specific issues. For this, you will need the full set of MBP Balancing Solutions and you will need to know how to PKTT test, and how to do a sequential test. Telegraph testing the Solutions is done in combination with regular Solution use. It does not replace your regular Solution use. Therefore you'll need to do the telegraph testing at bedtime or first thing in the morning when you take your normal daily Solutions.

    1. Take the Solutions you normally take each evening/morning.

    2. Wait 10 seconds.

    3. Set up for the telegraph test and state: 'I would like to telegraph test the MBP Balancing Solutions for
         ( problem / issue )   .' PKTT test the Solutions as you would test your essence bottles or sets.

    4. The Solutions that test positive indicate the body systems that require additional strengthening and support for this particular problem.

    5. Number of drops: Don't test for number of drops. Take the correct number of drops as listed on the dosage chart. No matter what you are testing for, the drops remain the same as on the MBP Solutions dosage chart. If you have already taken any of these Solutions in Step 1, you'll need to take them again. The second dosage is being earmarked for this particular problem. I MPORTANT: When taking your telegraph test Solutions, you must first clear yourself with your regular morning and/or evening dose of the Solutions. Then, focus on the specific issue while taking the Solutions for that test.

    6. Times per day: You won't have to test for this either. Take the Solutions that tested positive in this telegraph test twice daily — first thing in the morning after you have taken your morning dose of your regular Solutions that are needed for that day and again at bedtime after you have taken your regular nightly Solutions. In short, always take the Solutions needed for telegraph testing after taking your regular daily Solutions.

    7. Test for how many days you are to take the Solutions for the specific issue you are telegraph testing. Do a sequential test for the number of days you are to take an essence dosage. (For information on sequential testing, see the book, The Perelandra Essences.)

    8. Once you have completed a dosage period, do a follow-up telegraph test for this specific issue to make sure no other MBP Solutions are needed. Keep doing this until you test clear for this issue. If you need additional Solutions as a result of the follow-up telegraph testing, this simply means that your body's systems are dealing with this issue in stages and the new Solutions address the next stage of the process. (For information on follow-up testing, see the book, The Perelandra Essences.)

    9. Once you have completed the dosages for the telegraph test, you will continue to take your regular, daily, non-telegraph Solutions as usual. Telegraph dosages are in addition to your regular, daily, non-telegraph Solutions and do not eliminate the need for them.