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April 20, 2019

Recycling Perelandra Bottles

Answering a frequently asked question.

A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo

In the past, customers have occasionally asked if they could send their empty bottles and droppers back to us for reuse. Happily, as more of you are being pro-active about what you use and where it goes when you're done with it, we are answering that question more and more often.

Unfortunately, we cannot wash and reuse bottles or droppers for new Perelandra Solutions and Essences. You can personally reuse the bottles or recycle the parts.

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Tips for Reusing Personally

All of our bottles and droppers can be reused. However, if you are reusing them for Perelandra Essences telegraph testing or to store a different Perelandra Solution than was originally in the bottle, follow these instructions for washing:

  • Wear clean gloves.

  • Thoroughly wash all parts of the bottle and dropper with hot, soapy water three times.

  • Rinse and air dry everything between two clean paper towels.

  • When dry, put the pieces back together while wearing those clean gloves.

It's important to wash three times to ensure you have removed all of the previous pattern of the Essence or Solution that was in the bottle and dropper before adding a different Solution or essence combination.

Note: If this is the first you've heard of "essence telegraph testing" and you're intrigued, see The Perelandra Essences by Machaelle Wright to learn more about using the essences for your health and balance.

Super Recycler

Tips for Recycling Locally

The brown glass bottle and the clear glass pipette are easy. Separate the glass from the plastic and rubber pieces, rinse them out and put them in your local recycling receptacle. (Tip: You can put the pipettes into a larger clear glass bottle so they're less likely to break in the bin.)

The plastic caps can be recycled. Your local facility may accept this type of plastic. Here's another great option we found: Preserve 'Gimme 5' Program.

There are drop-offs at many Whole Foods Markets, or you can mail them to Preserve directly: How to Recycle.

The rubber dropper bulbs are also recyclable, but it will take a little more effort on your part. They're made of TPE rubber. The best and easiest place to start is by calling your local refuse and recycling center. If you'd rather do a little online sleuthing first, start here: Earth911 Recycling Search.

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