At first I was hesitant to share any description of my experiences since they are so incredible, almost unbelievable. However, I have since changed my mind. Sharing seemed the right thing to do even if readers thought I may be making things up.

I am relatively new to Perelandra and the Medical Assistance Program. I was introduced to them in July 2006 by my massage therapist. I had been dealing with a diagnosis of age-related eye disease (ARED) with symptoms indicative of macular degeneration. My mother has been blind for over thirty years with advanced macular degeneration, and I witnessed the decline in her independence and general interest in life. I had just retired and was looking forward to doing many things that one doesn't generally have time for when working. I began to feel despair.

Enter MAP. On July 22, 2006, I held a scanning session. Because I was so distraught with the ARED condition, I decided to ask for healing for that condition then and there. I told my team that I had a number of other things we could address later, that this was paramount to me. This is what happened: A brilliant intense light, like an ophthalmologist's examining light came into my visual field (my eyes were closed). This was followed by "seeing" what appeared to be clusters of grapes being pulled away from both eyes. Then I felt a bolt of energy arising from my solar plexus. Throughout the rest of the session, the energy flowed intensely all over my body, from my toes to my head. I continued to feel deep pulsations in my solar plexus. I felt electrified, but it was pleasant.

I doubted the miracle, so two weeks later during a regular MAP session, I apologized to them and asked for confirmation. I got an affirmative that yes, indeed my eyes were healed. Then I saw (again with my eyes closed) what appeared to be two eyes such as would be shown in a textbook indicating the retina. I saw all of the blood vessels mapping across the retina, and I "saw" a shaded area. I asked my MAP team if these were my eyes and got an affirmative. I asked if the shaded area was where the drusen (tiny deposits in the retina) had been and got an affirmative.

During another MAP session, I was "shown" the torso of a woman. The breasts became more and more distinct. I asked if I was seeing my breasts and got an affirmative. Then I "saw" only the lower right quadrant of the left breast. I asked if I should ask for healing in that area. (I wasn't aware of any problem with my breasts.) I got an affirmative, so I asked for healing and balancing of the lower right quadrant of my left breast. Then that portion of my breast was removed from the visual field.

It is difficult to express the depth of gratitude that I feel to my MAP team. Sometimes, I just weep with joy. Although, I still haven't been given a symbol or ID by my MAP team members, I definitely feel their support, care and love, and am very aware of their engagement during sessions. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I hope they feel my gratitude for how wonderful it is.

— D.C.L., Crownsville, MD