Soil-less Gardens
by MaryBeth Rapisardo

I recently went to my twice yearly meditation retreat in Ashland, Oregon. I had asked for some of your catalogs to take with me. I was amazed at how many of my friends were already working with MAP. Most, however, did not know about working with Nature to do soil-less garden conings; others, of course were new to your material altogether. My friend Helen and I could not stop talking about all of Machaelle's work with great enthusiasm, and of course the catalogs went like hot-cakes.

I have been doing conings for my health, my dog's and my garden's health and especially for my artwork and getting it (my art) out into the world. The comfort and excitement I feel in working with Nature is awesome. My friends and I have been connecting with our higher selves and the White Brotherhood for many years for opening higher intuition and the heart, inner peace, doing service, etc. Each of us, of late, has been working on manifesting our true life's work (or dream) in the world, whatever that may be.

Of all the many techniques I/we have used, nothing can come close to the awesome results I have had in working with Nature in a balanced coning. Not only do I receive my weekly schedule, but all kinds of events and people connect and fall into place in ways that I couldn't have predicted. Things I have wanted to achieve for years and years are happening with ease and grace and balance.

I haven't even come close to describing all that I have experienced. I can only say that even though I have only been working with Nature consciously for a very short time, I understand Machaelle's tears as she speaks about it on the garden video. I am deeply touched. I know nature intelligence is really working with me, and I can hardly believe I have been so honored. I can't wait to see what happens next! I thank Machaelle for her absolutely incredible work.