Microbial Balancing Program

I was squatted in the garden, weeding a flower bed, when I put my hand on the ground behind me to help push myself up to stand. It felt as though I put my hand directly on a thorny plant in the grass. As I stood, I suddenly felt a pain in my hand so intense that it coursed through my body and made me lightheaded. I looked down to see what I had put my hand on in the grass and saw a furry caterpillar. I had obviously put my hand on the caterpillar, not on the ground, and pushed down. In an attempt to prevent his own crushing death, the caterpillar shot all of his defensive juices into the palm of my hand. But I was not concerned with the caterpillar at that moment. I immediately headed for the garden shed to get my ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) and started taking dropperfuls as I walked toward the other side of the garden where a friend was working to get some help. A clear red imprint of the caterpillar had formed on my palm and my hand was red and swelling quickly. Although the pain was horrible, I remained calm and called to my friend. She came immediately, not knowing I was injured. I explained what happened and asked her to test me for essences. (Normally, I test myself, but my hand and fingers were very swollen and it was difficult and painful to get the bottles opened. If no one was around, I would have tested myself and figured out how to open the bottles.)

As we walked over to the greenhouse where the essences are kept, I opened an Emergency MAP Coning. The intense pain and swelling continued to increase. I continued to take my ETS, and my friend suggested I also put the ETS on my palm where I was stung. I silently told my MAP team I had just been stung by a caterpillar and briefly explained what happened and named my symptoms while we sat down and my friend tested herself for essences. Then, my friend began testing me. Several basic tests were needed, with lots of essences testing positive. As I took the essences, starting with the second round of testing, the pain began to subside, and I felt calmer and more clearheaded. By the time I tested clear on basic testing, I was much more relaxed and able to think and speak. My friend continued by telegraph-testing the caterpillar sting. She also tested dosage. My hand was still very swollen and red with a dark red imprint of the caterpillar's stings across my palm. She suggested I might want to run cold water over my hand to help the swelling. As I walked to the house, I asked my MAP team about the cold water and tested "yes," to run it under cold water.

(This was probably to comfort me and not to do anything for the stings or the swelling.) After the cold water, I immediately got out an Organizing Process chart, opened the rest of the coning (my MAP team was already with me), listed the problem and my symptoms, and tested to find out what to do. The first thing needed in Step One was the Microbial Balancing Program. So I closed the Organizing Process coning (including my MAP coning) and opened the Microbial Balancing coning. It was a simple chart, with only two processes needed. But by the time I had completed the processes, the pain was gone, the swelling and redness enormously decreased and nearly gone, and the caterpillar imprint had faded slightly. The Organizing Process and Microbial Balancing Process took me a total of 15 minutes to do. By the end of the day, just the caterpillar imprint remained and it was much lighter, less visible. By the end of the week, there was barely evidence anything had happened. I continued taking my essence solutions and completed the Organizing Process chart. The testing and what was needed was all very simple, and the chart tested clear after the first step. However, at the end of the week, my palm started to itch. I started a new chart, did a Microbial Balancing for the itching and tah-dah! Itching subsided. I took my essence solution through the end of the dosage period, when I tested no follow-up was needed. And that was it.

You may be thinking — big deal, she rubbed her hand on a cute, fuzzy little caterpillar and it healed quickly. If you're thinking this, you obviously have never been attacked by the infamous kimododragonkillerpillar that stalks this area of the country, lurking near unsuspecting gardeners. I really did have a strange and very painful reaction to this. I'm sure the caterpillar saw the whole thing as a strange and painful experience too. And for you animal lovers who could care less about what happened to poor little ol' me: Although I was not at all concerned for the caterpillar during the first ten minutes of this experience, I did look for it after the essence testing and it was gone. Poor thing had limped off to find someone to test him for essences.

The moral of the story is this: Anytime I want to repair and heal a sudden injury quickly (minor or major), I go for the Perelandra First-Aid Kit: my ETS, an Emergency MAP coning, Perelandra Essences and the Microbial Balancing Program. And every time I use the processes, I get results clear and fast. And the sooner I do the processes, the easier and simpler they are. The problem with using all these processes is that sympathy time is severely decreased. When all the pain and redness and swelling and marks are gone, no one worries about you, says "oh you poor thing" in a sweet and caring voice, or brings you chicken soup and hot tea . . . so, you'll have to weigh the benefits of this incredible bag of first-aid tools against the loss of sympathy and pats on the head.

— J.M., Pennsylvania