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September 26, 2020

Attention PIC-ers!

It's time to update your general balance focus.

This is a special note for those using PIC List Testing to support your daily general health.

In the Perelandra Information Center (PIC) brochure, Machaelle gives the guidelines for addressing your general balance by writing "my daily general health" as your PIC List focus.

With so many serious issues flying around, at and through each of us over the next several months — pandemic, seasonal microbes, school/half-school/no-school, election, disasters, death, grief, stress . . . the variables have changed and it's time to take your testing approach up a notch.

PIC rose

Machaelle Recommends and Urges You

This weekend, get out a new PIC List and retest with the focus:

"My daily general health and the support I need on all levels — physical, emotional, mental and soul (PEMS)."

If you already have a PIC List going for your general health or something similar, stop now and set up for this new test. Again, variables have changed, so you are bound to get different results.

Doing this now will give you time to order any additional bottles you need for support through the fall and winter months. (Please allow up to 10 business days for us to ship your order while we continue to adhere to physical distancing policies here at Perelandra.)

If PIC List Testing Is New To You

PIC is a simple way to find out which Perelandra Solutions and Essences you need to address any concern. We enjoy hearing about success with PIC List Testing from Question Line callers. People are making progress on everything from overall daily balance to serious health issues, and the full range of "in-between" things like changing a bad habit or recovering from a fall. We also answer questions from folks who get stuck or feel overwhelmed. Those calls led us to write an article (linked below) that takes you through the process, step by easy step. It helped to open the door for many more people, and we hope it opens the door for you.

A Few Important Notes First

For those of you reading about PIC for the first time: "PIC" means "Perelandra Information Center." It is your resource for understanding and using the Perelandra Solutions and Essences, personalized to you.

For those who scanned through the PIC Booklet and assumed you need every bottle on hand to use PIC: Wrong. You do not need a single Essence or Solution in your home to get started. And once you start, you can order only the bottles you need.

For those who think you have to muscle test for PIC List Testing: Try not to let the name of the process throw you off. You do not need to know PKTT to test the PIC List, or to use any of PIC's resources. In the PIC Booklet, Machaelle explains how to use your intuition for testing. (But if you know kinesiology, use it!)

For those who think you have to address everything all at once: Stop that! Choose just one thing to address. You will be more successful in the long run by following through on just one issue at a time, rather than overwhelming yourself with multiple tests.

No special skills needed. You can do this!

Start here: PIC List Testing Made Even Easier

Then, when you're ready: Your PIC List Retest Made Easier

PIC Librarian

If you would like to visualize "what" or "who" you are asking when you activate PIC, picture yourself at the desk of the PIC Librarian.