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August 23, 2020

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How to Vote Safely This Fall in the United States

Request your mail-in ballot now.
The day your ballot arrives,
fill it out and send it back.

Are you registered to vote?
If not, register now.

Each state has its own deadline for you to register or update your registration. Those deadlines are coming up fast. Do not wait. Even if your state allows "day of" registrations — Do. Not. Wait.

Your local election board is busy. Poll workers will be very busy on election day. Registration is so damn easy. Get it done now so you're not piling more work onto what your local election officials, as well as your neighbors working for the postal service, are striving to accomplish on behalf of our country.

Help your family, friends and community acquaintances make sure they are registered. Find the details for your state or territory:

Vote.org: Voter Registration Deadlines

Already registered?
Request your mail-in ballot now.

This is too important to wait. Request your mail-in ballot now. Make sure the eligible members of your family and friends do the same.

Request Your Absentee Ballot Via Vote.org
(This page includes links to the vote-by-mail details for each state.)

In these uncertain times, voting needs to be as safe, secure, and easy as possible. At Vote.org, we believe that no American should have to put their health at risk to vote. — Andrea Hailey, The Truth About Vote by Mail

The day your ballot arrives, fill it out and send it back.
Or, if you can, drop your ballot off.

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Don't procrastinate. The current administration is hoping to discourage voters and mess up the mail-in voting system enough so that those who wait until the last days will not have their votes counted. Sending your ballot back right away is the easiest and best way to avoid and circumvent these obstructions.

Also, if you are one of the lucky ones with access to a voting drop-box, be sure you drop your ballot in as early as possible. Pester ... uh, remind emphatically the eligible folks around you who have received their ballot to do the same. This is not the election to forget about or let pass you by.

rock the vote

Here's one more good resource to help you quickly and easily confirm your registration, get registered and learn about absentee or mail-in voting:

Rock the Vote: Voting Information By State


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Help others.

Think about which of your neighbors, friends, family members, extended family and acquaintances could use your help to check their registration, get registered, request an absentee or mail-in ballot and send their ballot back. Forward this email to them, then give them a good ol' fashioned phone call to talk them through what they need to do.



What else can you do right now?

Ask your elected officials to represent you.

If nature, the environment, drinking clean water or breathing clean air matter — not just for you and your family, clean water and air for everyone — find out how your senators and representative in Congress score when it comes to protecting the environment:

National Environmental Score Card

Then contact them and let them know how you would like them to represent you when environmental issues are involved.


Note: Many of you know that besides helping you take personal responsibility for your health and the environment, at Perelandra we also encourage taking individual responsibility for the government and military systems that impact each of our lives daily. To learn why this is a part of the work we do, read Machaelle's autobiographies, The Mount Shasta Mission, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and Pivot.


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The current global crisis is an excellent demonstration of what we humans don't know about interfacing with nature's planet . . . How about allowing nature to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions? ~ Machaelle Wright, Celebrating the Power of the Individual

The Environment Series