by Polly Medlicott

I have a love-hate relationship with kinesiology testing for flower essences. I love it because kinesiology and the Perelandra flower essences have been the doorway for me to working with nature and the White Brotherhood Medical Unit through the health processes. That work has transformed my life, and the health as well as the quality of life of my son, who has cerebral palsy.

But I hate it how things are always happening that I can't predict or make sense of, and that just plain seem wrong to me! Like when I first started testing essences, about five years ago (I had my four boxes of 1/2-oz. bottles — no Nature Program or Soul Ray then — and I would take each bottle out and put it in my lap to test), I was only testing positive for six to eight, sometimes only four essences. Later, after I had quit testing for a while (for other reasons that I'll talk about in a minute), I started testing for 13, 14, 15 essences at a time. Then, I started testing for whole entire sets, and so did my son. I was furious! It just didn't seem right. What about that part in Flower Essences where Machaelle says if you test for more than six essences, it means you need a chiropractor?

Jeannette, on the Perelandra Question Hot Line, tried to get me to calm down. She suggested ways I could make sure that I was getting correct testing results, like mixing up all the essences in the box (by then I had all the dram bottles in one testing box — whew!) and seeing if I got the same sets (I did). This went on literally for years. Finally I got it: nature has its own patterns, which are amazingly intelligent and comprehensive (for lack of a better word), and our job is just to stick with it and observe how things unfold. Meanwhile, since every single time I tested essences, I was doing it twice (once for my son), I soon got to the point where the kinesiology was totally automatic. When my fingers tested yes or no, it was very strong and clear; there was no question about which was which, or whether I was influencing the test with my will somehow. I stopped even thinking about that. But I still get annoyed when I tested positive for 15 essences!

The first big mistake I made with essence testing was that I started second-guessing my own testing. Whenever I tested positive for an essence, I would test again, saying, "Do I need Broccoli?" And later, just "Broccoli?" Sometimes I would retest more than once. I started doing this habitually, not realizing that my question and accompanying focus was vague, and that the practice was undermining my testing accuracy. (This is why it's a good idea to check in with the folks on the Question Hot Line periodically — they can tell when you're getting off track. Unfortunately, there was no Question Hot Line then!) Finally, in confusion and discouragement, I quit doing flower essences for about a year.

However, when my son's neurological problems became much worse as he started going through puberty, and the homeopathic remedies I was using for some reason did not work, I turned back to the flower essences. Not only were my son's health problems gradually much improved, but we both began to feel — well — balanced! It's hard to describe exactly. At first it felt mostly like being able to stick with my intentions, to follow through instead of sabotaging myself as I usually did. I felt more grounded and more truly relaxed. Later it began to seem as if the external circumstances of my life were actually working better — there is a sense of things happening in the right timing and sequence, and a sense of an overall pattern that I could never design, but can recognize and feel as right. As I heard Machaelle say in her talk at this summer's first open house, "Balance attracts balance." "Hey," I thought, as I pushed my son's wheelchair around and around on the grass, "That's really true for us!"

Using the dram testing box with all the essences and just focusing on each one without removing it from the box was a big breakthrough in efficiency for me. But for that to work well, I had to memorize all the names of the essences in their proper order in the box. I don't know why it took me so long to do that, but it really helps, also with identifying which essences need refilling and where they belong when they all fall out on the floor!

If I am brutally honest with myself, I probably would not have gone back to using flower essences if I had not been absolutely desperate about my son's health problems. I'm sure that's true for many people — either they themselves or their loved ones have a serious, maybe chronic illness, and nothing else they've tried has worked. But it shouldn't be that way. As I hope I've shown, the beneficial effects of using kinesiology testing for flower essence work (not to mention for Microbial Balancing or Soil-less Garden work — but that's another story) are fundamentally, positively life changing. So please, please don't let your fear of not doing it right (it just takes practice) or of not having some special gift (there's no such thing) or of having difficulties and not knowing what to do (that's what the Question Hot Line is for, or, what a thought . . . you could ask nature for help!) prevent you from taking full, joyous advantage of this wonderful adventure!