MBP Balancing Solutions

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease ten years ago, and have been medicated for it the last five. In October 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Following a lumpectomy, four chemo treatments and full radiation, my bloodwork was pretty sad — both white and red counts at zero, and my antibodies were over 1200. I worked with two naturopathic doctors and a lot of supplements to get my bloodwork in order.

Last Spring I began using the MBP Balancing Solutions when my antibody count was at 400; six months later, my antibodies were down to 200. I have been able to reduce my meds also. My endocrinologist is elated; she has never seen anything like this. I am thrilled to have found the Perelandra products and I tell everyone I know how well the MBP Balancing Solutions are working for me. My thanks to you all.

— S.S., Lynnwood, WA