Soil-less Gardens

This article is about money and our relationship to money in a co-creative partnership with nature intelligence. Money is also known as assets, bills, bullion, cash, change, checks, coin, currency, finances, gold, legal tender, lucre, notes, pelf, resources, revenue, silver, specie, sterling, wherewithal, capital, funds, opulence, property, riches, stock, wealth, payment, salary, and wages. It was a year ago when Cheryl and I decided to purchase a home in an area called Sand Canyon. The homes of Sand Canyon rest against the San Andreas Forest in Santa Clarita, California. The area of Sand Canyon is known for horse property and is host to the majestic California Oaks. We never thought we could afford a home in Sand Canyon, but that is another article and another soil-less garden to write about later.

Our new home in Sand Canyon was about twenty years old. The home rested on a one-acre parcel with four huge oak trees. The prior owner had been a gardener and the grounds were beautiful, but the house needed some serious cosmetic work. New paint, carpet, and a good microbial balancing would bring this home right up to market value and then some. Cheryl and I always make our home and property a co-creative garden, so an important direction in our definition, direction and purpose (DDP) stated that this house was not to become a money pit, and that nature intelligence was to help us in the "matter and means" department.

Restoring our home was fun and progressing nicely until we came to the master bathroom. We do not want to sicken the reader, but we found this bathroom repulsive and refused to use it. The sinks and bathtub were a chocolate brown color and the brushed copper hardware was green and crusty from neglect. The tile in the tub and on the counters was old, broken, and mineral stained beyond repair. The once-beautiful woodwork was worn and in need of much repair. This part of the house scared us and we needed some expert help in design and cost management. Enter nature intelligence. We knew what we wanted. All we needed was the "how to" and best way to complete the job.

If you have a relationship with nature intelligence and are a gutsy individual, the Cosmic Chess Exercise is the best place to begin any renovation project. The Cosmic Chess Exercise can be found on page 232 in Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. Machaelle explains in this exercise how to experience the effects of energy in inanimate objects. Cheryl and I opened a coning with the Deva of the Bathroom and told the deva the definition, direction and purpose for the bathroom. We had all the paint chips, wallpaper samples, and countless brochures for tile and fixtures. This exercise was really fun, and when we were through we had the blueprint for a great looking bathroom. The only problem we saw was that nature intelligence had expensive taste. We had the funds to do this project, but it was going to cost much more than we had expected. The cost of this job was bothering me so I decided to do a Calibration for the property and plead my side of this project to Pan. So I opened the Calibration and proceeded to moan, complain and cry about the cost of redoing the bathroom. I reminded Pan that this home was not to be a money pit and that nature intelligence was going to supply the matter and means. Two hours later Cheryl and I were driving somewhere and the insight hit me that we were not going to use our own money — the money was going to come from the house itself. We had bought the house six months earlier and the last thing I would have thought about was refinancing. We called our broker and were amazed to find out that the interest rates were so low we were able to pull out $30,000.00 and have a lower house payment. The difference between our old house payment and our new payment would cover our property taxes. We immediately verified the insight from nature intelligence and stopped our crying and moaning.

Many people tell us that they want to do more co-creative work with nature but it is just too expensive. These are sincere people who have established co-creative gardens and understand the processes needed for success. If you have a DDP for your garden, why don't you ask nature to help supply the tools you need? If your rose bushes were looking shabby, you would not hesitate to do a Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process Chart. Nature might tell you to water more or less, do a soil balancing and do an Indian War Dance around the rose bush. Pretty soon your rose bush is looking lush, vibrant and ready for the Perelandra cover photo. You have witnessed the intelligence of nature and you are ecstatic until you discover you ran out of essences, your electricity is about to be shut off and you have no money. This example is humourous — but too many times true.

We believe we have found the answer! Simply connect to the Deva of the Slot Machine and test to see what machine is about to pay-off! Many years ago we tried this and it doesn't work. In Machaelle's book Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon,the topic of money on the Cottage level is explained:

People like the Cottage team relate to money differently. They have access to an infinite flow. They exchange it for goods and services based on precisely what they need. When I asked them how one gets into the infinite dynamic, they explained that it all had to do with a person's sense of self-worth, and that this is a different inner journey for everyone. Once an individual truly understands his self-worth, he automatically shifts into this dynamic. (p. 192)

Consuming what you need and how you see your self-worth are very much related. If you feel you have no self-worth, the appearance of money is important to you. New leases on luxury cars skyrocket each new year in California. I know people who live in shacks and still drive a new luxury car. Each new year that Cheryl and I work on our self-worth, things seem to get easier on the financial level. Working on your self-worth can sometimes be brutal. Maybe this resonates with you, or you might think this is a bunch of bologna, but we have found this to be true. Maybe we do not have an infinite flow of money, but we have what we need, and the heavy burden of finances does not plague us. Please take our advice and reconsider how you think and feel about your finances because your finances reflect how you think and feel about yourself. If you are working with co-creative gardens you are doing important work. This partnership with nature is helping bring balance to an age that desperately needs balance. We are sure you can find the support you need to do this important work.

— T.M., Canyon Country, CA