Microbial Balancing Program
by Donna Lapre

The concept of beauty has always intrigued me and moved me to ground it and express it into my daily life. The kind of beauty I'm referring to here is not limited to what is decorative or pretty, but it is more comprehensive, including the awesome workings of the universe: phenomena such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, meteor showers and the humble beauty of soil, teeming with life. My MAP team told me, at different times, two things about beauty that I will never forget. The first was that "Beauty is the natural progression of Wisdom." The second, told to me a year later, was that "Wisdom comes from traversing the Beast, and from that comes Beauty." In April this year, a doorway opened for me, out of the world of the beast and into a whole new world of beauty — the world of microbes.

To fill you in a little, for the past three years I've been diligently working with all of the Perelandra processes in various arenas: home, garden, personal healing and my work. It's been one titanic voyage letting go of my nonsense and assimilating some new sense. A whole new foundation has begun to firm up, out of the wreck of some pretty tough issues: childhood abuse, death of my younger brother and some difficult struggles with my health. Each year, day by week by month, some new elements of peace and beauty have fused with my being and my reality experience. This has provided me with the courage, stamina and optimism to deal with a tenacious contingent of symptoms and "Factor X, Y and Z" types of problems that have eluded balance — so far. Are you curious? OK, I'll give you a rundown: periodic three-day headaches, complete with Oompa band, a drunken feeling (these ain't hangovers, 'cause I don't drink), and vomiting; pimples (I'd like to add that I'm 37); and scoliosis (now slight, the extreme lateral curve being gone). These problems are now greatly reduced. Then there's a knot sequence in my right shoulder and a funny red spot on one knee, plus various mental/emotional refrains, not to mention the spiritual issue, "just what am I doing here?" and some further refinements to do with an overlapping (with this one) lifetime of an atomic physicist. This was a doozy! Suffice it to say, [the Perelandra processes] have helped to fill in the many, many puzzling pieces of my life and some personality idiosyncracies. And, once I accepted this reality and went with it, my life and health shifted dramatically.

That wily group of symptoms, the clingers-on, surface periodically, with different frequency rates. Several times a year, a whole plethora of them gather for a conference, one to which I'm invited. This "fest" knocks me on my rear. No matter what I've tried, I've gotten minimal relief. My MAP team had a lot of steam blown their way. For crying out loud, I did the body/soul fusion, the miasms, the two-week process, telegraphed, calibrated, traversed time/space logic, checked my timing, let my intellect "check out," didn't kill insects, made amends with my soul, cleaned up my environment — what more could I do? I learned to just lay low when this thing hit and with luck, in a few days I could resume normal functions. To be fair, I always returned from this "Land of the Lost" feeling in better shape than before and with new-found creativity. I didn't want to keep doing it this way and hoped that someday, I could get out of my own way and find a different approach to my "beast." On April 7th (Good Friday!), the new Perelandra catalog arrived. On April 22nd, the Microbial Balancing Program Manual arrived during the beginning stages of one of those headaches. Upon opening the book, my headache increased. But I am like a dog with a bone when I want to learn something. Into my office went book, balancers and me. When I reappeared a few hours later, the headache had departed. Somehow I'd figured out the instructions and went through an MBP chart. This was impressive but what impressed me more was the energy of the MBP coning, as well as a level of support, at once familiar, and yet, unlike any I'd consciously felt with MAP or nature conings. This group seemed so wise and so old, and I knew they were offering me a major key to my puzzle. I cried with relief and gratitude. Next morning, my husband told me he dreamed I'd gotten glasses!

For the next two weeks, I locked myself in my office and tested myself, home, plants, soil, water and atmosphere. I forgot to mention that just before the MBP arrived, our apartment had been invaded by groups of those communications ambassadors: insects! Cockroaches swarmed our kitchen floor and little flies were on all our houseplants, sucking the life out of them. This was a real kick in the pants to learn. Well, I made plenty of mistakes in the interim and learned from each one of them.

As to the insect crisis, between Troubleshooting and Microbial Balancing, this eventually ceased. But not without some fun and games first! My husband had another dream: notes were being passed by the roaches from underneath the cupboards with the message "Heh, heh, heh, you can't get us!" This was before I found out that he was surreptitiously putting them outside. Then I caught him red-handed, taking a crumb away from a cockroach! That's when I figured out he was interfering with my work. He confessed, started co-operating and so did the cockroaches. Sweeping the floor after dinner also helped. That concept of beauty I mentioned earlier came in here. During this time, my husband began watching and admiring them. I started feeling compassion for them and the whole cockroach plight when they tested for Celery, Comfrey and Dill Essences (Insect Balancing). This insect group has suffered tremendous pain from human "battle consciousness."

During the second month, my interest in microbes deepened. I've always had a strange liking for them, since junior high science class when I saw them under a microscope. I got a microbiology textbook to learn more about them and started doing watercolor paintings of them (I was an art major in college). What I wanted to do was express the relationship I was experiencing with my microbes. From the beginning of working with them, they communicated with me. Sometimes they waved to me after a process, sometimes they sang or hummed, sometimes I saw them change shape or pattern. It was really cool. Simultaneously, almost everyday in the paper would be a report that some unknown microbe had surfaced and was scaring the hell out of everyone.

My husband got to experience the program after getting sick with some mysterious bug. He's never sick. After he succumbed to being surrogate tested, we went through the processes and awaited the results. He got worse. When we went to bed that night, I "saw" a buffalo looking at him and knew he'd be fine. In the morning he was all better and had another one of those dreams to report. This time, he dreamed the same dream three times: he could see through his body, and there were little men fixing up body parts. Two days later, I, Miss Microbial Balancer, got sick. I had mostly the same symptoms as my husband, but customized for me, personally. Of course, you think, I turned to the wonderful Microbial Balancing Program. Wrong! I was too busy throwing up. In the afternoon, I managed to open an MBP coning and address my condition. In a few hours, all my symptoms had gone away.

Machaelle offers excellent hints about organizing and not just in the Microbial Balancing Program Manual. Without a doubt, order and organization are essential; without it the best intent may be ineffective. I've learned that all endeavors need structure, as this allows creativity to flourish. Regarding the practical matters of the MBP, organization is key. I took Machaelle's advice and tabbed my manual. If I could offer my own trick — color coding (highlighting with a marker) the same processes in chapters 2 and 3 really helps. Since it seems that the most flipping back and forth occurs between these chapters, color coding the Atmospheric Balancing Process in blue, for example, in both chapters will help to identify quickly and distinguish this information from the rest when you need it. If I have to make dosage bottles I write A.M., P.M., etc. in the standard colors I've assigned to them. In my notebook binder, I have month tabs and those blank monthly calendars with spaces for each day to keep track of tests, rechecks and essence follow-ups. This is especially important for the Organizing Process. I also strong armed my husband into building me a trolley cart to hold my supplies. On the bottom (deepest shelf) go all of my binders for home, garden, etc. Then, the second shelf holds my balancers in a tray. The top shelf holds my dram sets of essences, my Microbial Balancing Program Manual and Garden Workbooks. And I always keep flowers on top. There's some more beauty for you. Aside from personal aesthetics, this Perelandra "cocktail cart" gives me the room I need, in addition to my desk to be able to maneuver all this stuff! Since I'm planning to incorporate this program into my work, it will make things operate more smoothly. My Professional MAP team told me when I started to practice surrogate testing that, to get used to having two conings open would be like Olympic training. How right they were!

At this present date, I've been practicing my surrogate testing with a friend and my husband. I've also taught two former clients how to navigate and get started. My Mom is coming from Arizona to get some help with this so she can work with the program. I'm excited and looking forward to teaching more people how they can help themselves. All in all, I've experienced such thorough and precise healing with Machaelle's new "baby." Some problems I've had limited success with are now being addressed effectively. I have more energy, great focus, clarity and fewer worries about my old beast. I can even eat chocolate again, something I love and had to eliminate from my diet. There's hope, folks!

What I'd most like to convey about all this is that we all have the opportunity here to physically work with and ground into our personal frameworks the spiritual tenets written in books and offered by monks and yogis. We can all go through the process of understanding the macrocosm by route of the microcosm, in this case, our microbes. Here again, I'd like to mention beauty. For me, the microbes describe the beauty of the universe and it's life-giving processes: this is much of their function. They move about, when in balance, in patterns like stellar bodies, planets and pulsars. I feel their presence and I realize that I, body/soul unit, am a universe, too.