Co-creative science has come through for me on a special project. It is not so significant as a health issue, nor as important as working with the land, but it has been important to me because of self-imposed pressures.

I've been working on three large wall quilts with dramatic flowers and colors for the day surgery area of a local hospital. The designs appear simple, but in reality they are intricate combinations of colors and angles.

"Bogged down" barely describes the status just a month BCC — before Co-Creative Science arrived. I had missed my self-imposed deadline by two months — mostly due to family crises.

After reading the book, I immediately starting working with the processes to get the activities of my life in balance — and, as well, to establish a contact with the devas of beauty and harmony for this special project. I needed help.

One month later, two of the three wall quilts are so close to completion that another week should do it.

It will be interesting to log the progress of the third wall quilt which has not yet been cut. By bringing nature in at the start and using the entire co-creative process, one might expect the work to proceed in a different and improved fashion. The pace will probably be different from the former, and one could bet the results will certainly have some differences.

However, no matter what those differences are, knowing nature, the three quilts will blend beautifully.

— D.L.W., Washington