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April 14, 2020

The Gardening Series



Today was National Gardening Day in the U.S., but here at Perelandra every day is gardening day — Co-Creative Gardening Day!

When we said, "Green thumb be damned. Everyone can do this!" — we meant it.

And we'll repeat it with Richard-Simmons-level enthusiasm if it will help you understand that when we say everyone, we mean you.

Nature is ready for you to catch on and engage in this partnership, whether it's a small flat of greens in your apartment, a patch of herbs to liven up your home-cooked meals or half your back yard covered in squash and cucumbers.

Start a garden to augment your own supply of fresh vegetables. Surprise an isolated neighbor with a basket of fresh vegetables or a jar of fresh-cut flowers on their doorstep.

In this strange new reality of living in a pandemic, gardening outside, planting a tray of sprouts in your kitchen, growing a pot of flowers on your porch . . . will be a much needed respite.


In a co-creative garden you work directly with nature to get answers to your questions. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a life-long gardener. You can start a small garden with just a few vegetables. If you don't have outdoor space, you can start a few pots near a sunny window. Even a few jars of sprouts count as a co-creative garden.

Using the simple Gut Gardening instructions in this excerpt, you can get started right away.

Along with the first installment of our Gardening Series here, it's a snap to begin.

Not just for gardeners! See nature with new eyes. This is like no other gardening book out there. Don't believe us? Start reading here.

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Spring Vivaldi slide show

We'll leave you with one more gentle push of inspiration with a link to a favorite slide show of ours: Spring in the Perelandra Garden with Vivaldi

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