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Perelandra Processes: Beleaguered Belly

About three and a half years ago, I began to be open-minded about alternative healing. I had read many interesting accounts of the adventures of "psychic" people, and I had come across books about people working with nature intelligences and mentions of Findhorn, most of which I thought required exotic, rare talents that most of us would have to work for years to even approach. I was working as an actor in a traveling children's theatre production, and when one day out of the blue I became ill after an evening meal, I chalked it up to mild food poisoning or a stomach flu. I went to bed little suspecting that my life was about to change through a series of mysteries and "rings-pass-not." I had always had an "iron stomach," the ability to eat whatever and whenever I wanted, though I was also health conscious and in shape. Imagine my consternation when for the next week every time I ate I felt incredibly nauseated and tired. When I got a chance to see a doctor at an emergency room (I don't even remember where), after six hours and a barrage of tests I was told that there was nothing wrong with me, I "probably" had an "irritation of the stomach lining" and was given antacids. (Last time I checked, being unable to eat without vomiting was not exactly right.) I still felt that there should be an easy explanation, a parasite they hadn't screened me for, something.

A few weeks later we got a new cast member, who almost immediately found out I was having health issues, and he introduced me to flower essences. I had seen the Bach essences in health food stores, but not having seen or heard an explanation of how they worked, thought they sounded like fantasy, or maybe a nice fanciful tool to focus one's energy on the issue at hand, so I had bypassed them. Even my new friend Andrew didn't spend a lot of time on explanation; he just told me he'd been using them for years and they really worked. I was desperate, so I let him test me, then I drank the water with drops of the essences I tested positive for. The next day I definitely felt better, but he had also given me a quick back massage, which I was already aware sometimes helped. I was unconvinced about essences.

The next few months were really rough, but I began to respect Andrew's opinion more and more. Then by the time our tour was over, we realized that we wanted to date each other seriously and see where that led. As soon as we were back at home on solid, familiar ground, I relented to his insistence that I learn how to test myself for essences and start using them regularly. I began to use Perelandra essences. The bad news: almost every time I tested positive for every single Perelandra essence! The good news: if I tested immediately when I started to feel bad, I could often stop the cycle of intense nausea, searing pain from sternum to low belly, bloating and vomiting. I was impressed but still miserable.

I started to devour Andrew's collection of Machaelle's works, and soon I was having regular MAP sessions and using kinesiology often. Then I got my hands on the Microbial Balancing Manual, and in the weeks I had determined to take off after my exhausting tour experience, I dove into the program (this was before Phase 1 Testing and the MBP Solutions). I tested positive for needing a chart for each kind of microbe as well as a general balancing sheet. Every chart required every process, and in the triangulation section (my biggest groaner!) I sometimes had as many as 10 triangles in which every point and link needed balancing. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't grown confident in my testing before starting. But as soon as I started the work, I was gratified to feel things shifting; the Battle Energy Release and the Calibration in particular I found fun, since I often felt like I was vibrating pleasantly and things were really getting done! Finishing a chart brought me the first real relief I'd felt in months.

For the next six months I was using the MBP at least once a week, usually more, and I spent countless hours working to create balance with my microbes. I also read Eat Right 4 Your Type, which Andrew also had (God love him). Again, I dove in and gave it a try, and within two weeks I felt remarkably better, though flare-ups of varying degrees of intensity would continue. I began kinesiology testing everything before I ate it, which also helped me refine my understanding of the way in which my relationship with food had changed irrevocably. I never really experienced any odd collateral side effects with the MBP as apparently happens with some people in some situations — just relief, which was fine with me.

W.F., New York, NY