On the way to the Labor Day Open House last fall, I started to get a headache. Since I never get headaches, I wondered why, on the way to my favorite place on earth, do I have to get a headache?

As I got closer, it became worse. My temples both felt as if there were not enough room inside. My head felt too small, and my forehead began to feel as if it could split open. Quickly, I took a dose of ETS Plus for Humans. This helped, but the headache returned shortly.

Pulling off the road in a somewhat secluded place, I opened a MAP session. I said everything I could think of about the headache . . . I was happy to be going to Perelandra. I felt free and light emotionally. Everything was fine and I was happy. I had gotten plenty of sleep in preparation for the trip. Since starting to take a number of the MBP Solutions daily a few months ago, I had done a very quick microbial balancing (quick, meaning I only needed three steps on the Microbial Balancing chart, as opposed to seven or eight steps, which was the way it always was before I started using MBP Solutions).

I described to my team the nature and location of the pain, and I described my emotional and mental state in great detail. Sure enough, in just a few minutes the pain subsided at least 85 percent. But there was still the ghost of a headache. I said to my team, "There must be something that I am not aware of, because I have already said everything I can think of about this headache, and it isn't quite gone." Then it occurred to me that there might be a Factor X involved with this headache. For the first time in a MAP session, I said, "OK, there must be a Factor X here that I don't know about. If there is, please, would you work on Factor X." Very quickly, the headache subsided another 10 percent. Then it occurred to me to say, "Oh, perhaps there is also a Factor Y with this headache. If so, would you please work with Factor Y." Immediately the headache disappeared completely, and I closed the session. When I arrived at Perelandra, I went to where Machaelle was speaking under the canopy. Passing through the white gate, I was struck by the magnitude of order, organization and life vitality. I immediately felt quieted, calmed, centered. During question time, there seemed to be more veteran users of MAP, essences and the Perelandra Processes asking questions than I had seen before — and I've been coming for at least fifteen years.

Before leaving at the end of the day, I had a strong desire to take a slow walk through the garden. As I walked, my feet began to feel like they had large magnets attached to them, especially in certain places in the garden. There were definite locations where my body wanted to stop walking and be still. I stopped and energy began pouring in through my feet. I could feel it passing in lines throughout my entire body. I stood still and absorbed the most marvelous energy as long as I could, then I walked on. After several stops, a circle of sensation about three inches in diameter began to form at the top of my head. It began to burn like a circle of hot coals. I accepted the heat, which was not unbearable, and let it burn. A few minutes later, the heat subsided and I felt filled with the finest, most beautiful, very refined energy that lasted long into the next several days.

On the way home it occurred to me what an amazing gift the folks at Perelandra give us free of charge, time after time, every Open House. We are invited to a place of intense beauty of the highest vibration, where we are allowed to absorb the fine energies, where the strongest, most effective tools on earth are explained and taught to us and our questions answered. All free of charge!

— M.B., Frederick, MD