Microbial Balancing Program

I'm not a person who usually shares personal information, not to mention write a letter for others to read. But I think this could be helpful to many people.

For nine years I was dependent on antibiotics for urinary tract problems. It began when I was a young woman, and I started having urinary tract infections. At first, I didn't know what was wrong, and I drove to the doctor screaming in pain. He sent me to the pharmacist for antibiotics and pain relievers. I was instantly grateful. This doctor became familiar with me and my problem and eventually sent me to a well-known urologist. The urologist recommended surgery to expand my urinary tract tube. I agreed to it and hoped for a cure. Unfortunately, this operation was a total waste, and I decided to see a different specialist who would help prevent and heal the infection. He told me to flush my system with cranberry juice and take extra care in the personal hygiene department, especially after sex, and prescribed a "new and improved" antibiotic. I came back faithfully to test if the infection had cleared and always ended up with a nagging yeast infection. Then I got medication for that to take along with the pain relievers and other antibiotics. My purse was bulging — and not with money.

Eventually, I discontinued having sex with my frustrated boyfriend, and I watched everything I ate and drank. I was doing a gradual cleansing, but I still took the prescription when the problem would arise.

In 1994, I relocated for a better job. It meant losing my health insurance, but the career move was worth it. I was two hours away from my doctor, and I had one refill left on my most recent antibiotic. At that point, someone gave me a set of Perelandra Essences, which I started using daily. They helped me adjust to my new surroundings. When allergy season hit, my allergies kicked in and I had my first MAP session. I was amazed at the results of nature providing a medical team combined with the stabilization of the flower essences. I got through allergy season without skipping a beat — for the first time in years.

Eventually, I felt that familiar burning pain that I hadn't had in months. I turned to nature and said that I'd had enough of this pain and medication, and needed relief and healing. Letting go of the antibiotics seemed adventurous, but I reassured myself that the pills and doctors were there if I needed them. I remember having a MAP coning open all evening and taking essences several times. I was gradually feeling better, and by the time I woke up the next morning the symptoms were gone. There was another time that this happened and, again, I got relief.

When Perelandra announced the Microbial Balancing Program, I welcomed it heartily. I hadn't really thought about balancing microbes before, but it made all the sense in the world. I first tried it on my gingivitis with amazing success, and later my urinary tract let me know that it needed attention again. I went to the Perelandra Organizing Process chart and got moving on the steps. I was still having yeast infections along with the urinary tract infections and discovered that they were to be tested together. I worked the chart for months and developed a caring relationship with the microbes I had been battling for so long. I felt shifts had been made to strengthen my system.

It had been several months since I'd had any symptoms. I got to a point where I wasn't tense about my health and I put the Organizing Process chart aside. Last winter, on Super Bowl Sunday, I was at a friend's watching the game on her living room floor. Sitting on a cold floor for hours really irritated my urinary tract system. This was a wake-up call that balance needs maintenance. I was frustrated that the problem occurred so easily.

I went back to the Organizing Process chart until I completed the steps. My kinesiology said "all clear," but in my mind the problem couldn't be completely solved. Physically I felt great, but mentally and emotionally I was unsatisfied. I went back to the Organizing Process coning and explained my frustrations and fears. As a result, I set up a monthly recheck for my own security. Eventually, I lost interest in the recheck because it was inappropriate and unnecessary.

I spoke with someone from the Perelandra Question Line and learned that although the problem may not be completely solved, the symptoms on that chart were indeed clear at the time I tested and that I should take the process one piece at a time. In other words, I should trust my kinesiology and keep going with the rhythm nature suggests. Perhaps I should have asked the Organizing Process coning if there was another issue or group of symptoms to work on next. Since using the Perelandra processes, I haven't been to a doctor or taken medications, although there have been times I consulted with nature to ask if I should see a doctor. I feel that my health has been restored tremendously. For this I am grateful.

— F.D., Maryland