Processes & Nature
One Teaspoon of Blue Cheese and Six Band-Aids

by Ann Bernard

Last summer, after reading the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual, I compiled a long list of symptoms. The selection process indicated a fungus under a big toenail as the number one priority. With so many other far more serious concerns on the list, I found this strange. The Perelandra Organizing Process and the Microbial Balancing Program led me to the Microbial Triangulation Process twice, the Calibration and the Geopathic Zone processes once each and then, finally, to "Other." Diet was indicated, then dairy, cheese and, finally, blue cheese. "Taken internally?" I asked. ("No.") "Applied externally?" ("Yes.")

Directions: Apply to the toenail three times at two-day intervals. That was easy enough to do. And I needed to take a short course of essences. All this was during a two-week period of time. Over the next few months, the nail became brittle, disintegrated and then grew in, new, healthy and beautiful. That is, if one views toenails as beautiful.

As I review my symptoms of a year ago, it is interesting how many have ceased to be a problem or no longer exist. Maybe it's coincidental, but maybe the new balance between the microorganisms created a rebalancing in major body systems. Anyway, me, myself and I are the happy beneficiaries. It was just so easy to do. Trusting the process was the hard part.