August 8, 2020

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Open the door to a new experience, to a new outlook on life, health and nature. Open the door to hope.

This Sunday, August 9, is National Book Lovers Day. An easy, random holiday to celebrate books and encourage folks to read? We can get on board with that!

For us, every day is a new opportunity to help you learn more about nature and how your life improves and expands when you include nature's input in all that you do. This weekend we're going to give you a little extra encouragement — to stay home and to read. Both for the good of all.

All books by Machaelle Wright purchased this weekend will be shipped with a special gift: A free 1/2-oz bottle (or two) to help you along in your new adventure.


Pivot, A Memoir
with Free 1/2-oz. EoP
What better time than now to open up, get a fresh perspective, find new meaning and change how you live in ways you never thought possible. Learn to recognize the support from nature and life all around you.


Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon
with Free 1/2-oz. ETS
Find yourself in a real-life adventure, expand your view of life, death, the universe, be awed by the intelligence in nature and what's possible when we listen to what nature has to say.

Have you been waiting to upgrade your original edition of one of Machaelle's books, or replace the copy your friend forgot to return?


Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered
with Free 1/2-oz. EoP
Machaelle Wright's first book.

More than an autobiography, her self-published first edition marked the beginning of Perelandra as we know it.

Mt Shasta

The Mount Shasta Mission
with Free 1/2-oz. ETS
Maybe you could use an expanded, more hopeful view of government systems and military possibilities, and learn how you can participate in the changes needed to move our planet forward in balance.

If print books aren't your thing, you can also get 15% off Machaelle's ebooks.

Co-Creative Science

15% Off (ebook only)
Read Co-Creative Science (ebook only) and learn more about what it means to partner with nature.


Free 1/2-oz. ETS
Have you been drawn to MAP, but haven't yet taken a moment to learn more about what it is and how it can help you?

Perelandra Essnces

Free 1/2-oz. ETS
Learn how essences work in the body and how to use The Perelandra Essences and ETS for Humans most effectively.

MBP Manual

Free 1/2-oz. Bacteria and Virus
Start a new approach to your health by finally making time to use the Microbial Balancing Program.

Can't decide where to begin? Check out our free excerpts here.

Garden Workbook

Free 1/2-oz. ETS and EoP
Are you still using your first edition Garden Workbook from back in the 90s?
Do you know that all of the processes explained in your old Garden Workbook II were replaced with the newest Garden Workbook in 2012? There's a new softcover, second edition of The Perelandra Garden Workbook just published this spring!

SLG Companion

Free 1/2-oz. ETS
Have you been using the three Perelandra Solutions for supporting your projects and goals and feel like you're ready for more? Or have you watched Machaelle's Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens workshop several times and now you're ready to put that knowledge into action? You'll need the Soil-less Garden Companion.

Extra Help Anytime You Want It

We break it down for you and give one bite at a time in these series.

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