November 9, 2020

Free ETS for Humans with MAP


As many of us fall in a post-election, exhausted heap for a much-needed brief rest, we remind you that MAP and ETS can help you recuperate.

This is a time to take advantage of the support available to you. This is a time for easy, economical and effective solutions. This is a time for MAP. No waiting, no commute, no special device, no internet required. Just help for our health, anytime we need.

Those of you already working with MAP: Have a regular session and tell your team how you've fared over the last week. Tell them what you've learned and what it means to you. Tell them what's been a challenge and what you need help with. You can even start by saying, "I've been holding the tension of anticipation and my hope for the world's future tightly with my whole body for several days now. It feels like I've run a marathon, and I'm not a runner. Help." If you have any worries or fears about what comes next, talk about that too.

We have a gift for you if you've been thinking about giving MAP a try or have a friend who could use what MAP has to offer.

Retail orders of the softcover edition of MAP by Machaelle Wright placed now through Sunday, November 22nd, will include a free 1/2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans. ETS is highly recommended but isn't required when using MAP. It is not only quite helpful in support of your MAP work, you will find yourself reaching for ETS every day.

This is your opportunity to get started with the Medical Assistance Program, have the added support of ETS for Humans and save $10!

Learn More and Order

Offer ends at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, November 22, 2020. Retail only. Not available with ebook purchases.