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August 17, 2023:
We have to discontinue Bottle Buyers Club because the new website we will be launching in September will not easily support tracking of this kind of subscription program. However, because this is such a popular and appreciated discount program, we will be setting up new discounts and options for those who regularly use and reorder Perelandra Solutions and Essences after we launch the new website. Stay tuned for messages about that in the fall.

In the meantime, watch for our regular emails announcing specials and shipping discounts to continue saving on the Perelandra products you rely on. If you don’t already receive our emails, you can subscribe to receive them here.


If you subscribed or renewed before August 17, 2023:

  • Free Perelandra Essences and Solutions:
    For every 5 bottles of the same size you buy in an order, you get one free bottle of that size

  • Free shipping within the U.S. for every order that includes bottled products

  • $15 off international shipping for orders that include bottled products


"Buy 5 Get 1 Free" Essences and Solutions
As a club member, when you buy any five individual bottles of the same size you purchase in one order, you will be entitled to one free bottle of that size. (Our "Chronologically Gifted" customers will still get their usual 10% discount on all individual bottles in addition to the free bottle benefit.)

Individual bottles are available in 1/2-oz. and 2-oz. dropper bottles, and 8-oz. refill bottles. Not all products come in all sizes. For example, individual Perelandra Essences are only sold in 1/2-oz. dropper bottles. And some of the Perelandra Solutions are only available in 2-oz. dropper bottles.

How You Get Your Free Bottles
After your order is submitted, add a note to the order telling us the free bottle(s) you would like included. You'll find the "note" box at the bottom of your order confirmation. You get 1 free bottle in that size for every 5 bottles of the same size in one order.

Important: Do not include your free 6th bottle with the order. Doing so will charge you regular price for that bottle.

For example, if you buy ten Perelandra Essences in 1/2-oz., you could request a free 1/2-oz. MBP Immune Solution and a free 1/2-oz. ETS for Soil. If you buy fifteen 2-oz. bottles that are a combination of any MBP Solutions, ETS and EoP, you could request any three Perelandra Solutions in 2-oz. bottles be included free. And so on . . .

There is no limit to the number of bottles you may purchase and the number of free bottles you may claim in a single order. However, only individual bottles at regular price will count toward your free bottle(s), and the free bottles are calculated per single order. Any bottled products that are part of a discounted combination or set are not eligible to be counted toward free club bottles.

Free or Reduced Shipping
As a club member, you'll save on shipping whenever you purchase bottled products. Whether you order 2 or 20 bottles, you get your special club shipping rate.

Club members in the U.S. will be entitled to free shipping. The shipping method for each order is chosen by us among two options: FedEx or US Mail. Packages may take up to 2 weeks (weather permitting) in transit, depending on weight and destination.

International club members will be entitled to $15 off your international shipping rate, no matter the shipping method you choose.

The only time a Club member will pay regular price for shipping is 1) when placing an order that does not include any bottled products or 2) if you're in the U.S. and you select a faster shipping method like FedEx Next Day.


How it Works
Once you become a member, you may begin requesting your free bottles with your next order. When you sign in to your Perelandra account and place your order, U.S. customers will see the 'Bottle Buyers Club: Free U.S. Shipping' option when you checkout and international customers will need to enter a special coupon code "BBC15" for your $15 shipping discount. And after your order is submitted, you will add a note to the order telling us the free bottles you would like included.


Important 'Fine Print' Details
• You can read the complete "Terms of Membership" by clicking the "More Details" tab at the top of this box.
• If you have any questions about the club or email notices related to your membership, please contact us.

Update: January 2019


These Terms are between you and Perelandra, Ltd. and govern our respective rights and obligations. If you sign up for a Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club (PBBC) membership, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements.

You may cancel your Bottle Buyers Club membership any time by visiting "My Account > Subscriptions" and clicking the "Cancel" button. If you cancel within 3 business days of signing up for a paid membership, we will refund your membership fee; provided that we may charge you (or withhold from your refund) the value of PBBC benefits received by you and your account during this 3-business day period. If you cancel at any other time, the membership fee is non-refundable.

Bottle Buyers Club benefits are limited to certain products sold by Perelandra, Ltd. Eligible products will be designated as such on their product pages. Some special shipping, handling fees, and/or taxes may still apply to eligible purchases. If only some items in your order are eligible for the Bottle Buyers benefits, you may pay applicable shipping charges for the ineligible items.

Changing or combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed or shipper preferences might affect your shipping benefits.

Qualifying U.S. orders receiving the free shipping benefit will ship via our choice of FedEx or US Mail. Packages may take up to 10 business days (about 2 weeks) in transit, depending on weight and destination.

International Bottle Buyers Club members will redeem their shipping discount by using a special coupon code "BBC15" at checkout.

The Bottle Buyers Club order page, provides information about eligible products.

Other Limitations
We reserve the right to accept or refuse membership at our discretion. From time to time, Perelandra, Ltd. may choose in its sole discretion to change, add or remove PBBC membership benefits.

We may contact you by email, phone or letter with information related to the Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club and your membership, regardless of any preferences related to your Perelandra account.

You may not transfer or assign your membership or any benefits, including coupon or discount codes.

This membership is retail only. Bottle Buyers Club members are not permitted to purchase products for the purpose of resale, or to ship to their customers using PBBC benefits.

Fees and Renewal
The membership fee for the Bottle Buyers Club is stated on the Bottle Buyers Club order page. From time to time, we may offer different membership terms, and the fees for such membership may vary. The Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club membership fee is non-refundable except as expressly set forth in these Terms. Taxes may apply on either or all of the membership fee, bottled products or reduced shipping charges.

Only credit cards may be used for payment of your PBBC membership. Do not sign up for the Bottle Buyers Club with a debit card. Also known as a "check" or "ATM" card, a debit card typically has the word "debit" printed on the face of the card.

If all credit cards we have on file for you are declined for payment of your membership fee, you must provide us a new credit card promptly or your membership will be canceled. If you provide us with a new card and are successfully charged, your new membership period will be based on the original renewal date and not the date of the successful charge.


Agreement Changes
We may in our discretion change these Terms and Conditions, or any aspect of Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club membership, without notice to you. If any change to these terms is found invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, that change is severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining changes or conditions. YOUR CONTINUED MEMBERSHIP AFTER WE CHANGE THESE TERMS CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHANGES. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGES, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP. (WE WILL GIVE NOTICE BY EMAIL OF ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE BOTTLE BUYERS CLUB.)

Termination By Us
We may terminate your PBBC membership at our discretion without notice. If we do so, we will give you a pro-rated refund based on the number of full months remaining in your membership. However, we will not give any refund for termination related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates these Terms or any applicable law, involves fraud or misuse of the PBBC membership, or is harmful to our interests or another user. Our failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

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