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From the "I Can't Believe It!" Department

I heard you say a funny thing at the Workbook Workshop. You said, "This stuff really works!" It always amazes me that I can hear your talks over and over, but what you say, I do not hear. Anyway, I feel a little crazy because I know it works, and I've used different parts of co-creative gardening for several years now, but my mind never stops asking "Is this real or am I crazy?" My brain still does not accept things which do not fit the mold, even when they happen before my eyes and within my own body!

Today I thought — "A dozen roses! I'll send Machaelle flowers to say I can't believe it, but it works! IT WORKS!!!"

I spent the entire day after the Workbook Workshop troubleshooting—not my garden, but my preschool. I have a problem student. He is locked into a power struggle with his mother, cannot follow directions, does not participate in group activities, destroys things, etc. Also, the room itself was the setting of a power struggle between a teacher and a student last year. The teacher resigned because no solution was found. At the end of my first week in this room with that child, I had an angry, close-minded reaction to him, and a lot of emotional stuff attached to the word "preschool."

So, I spent eight hours, and did the troubleshooting (every process was needed, down to the insect triangulation). In the beginning, I was afraid: If I do this and nothing happens, I won't believe in co-creative work. I kept getting the Broccoli Essence when I checked my own essences. When I got to the Battle Energy Release, it lasted a long time. I could feel the energy movement for at least twenty minutes. After that, the fear was gone. Under plant triangulation, I discovered three triangles within my classroom. They involved the points where the most serious conflicts had taken place. I got as far as insect triangulation and ran out of time.

The next day, I continued, all the way through geopathic zones. Then, everything except my conditioned thinking "knew" that things had changed. Old thought patterns were floating on top of a balanced, peaceful "I Can't Believe..." and very strong sea. The next day, I wondered which fairy tale would shed light on the problem, and prepared a puppet show for that purpose. But when I walked into my classroom the following week, I discovered the power struggle energy was gone. A clean, focused, useful creative energy was in it's place. But the most incredible thing was the change in my physical energy.

I have four children living at home. Two are in college, one is twelve and the other is six. Household duties and designing a preschool program that satisfied my own desire for creativity and excellence left little time for sleep. Five hours a night was average for several weeks during preparation. In addition, I have hypoglycemia which robs me of energy if I don't control what I eat for even one day. So, as preschool began I had found it necessary to take a megavitamin, extra protein, spirulina, kelp, plus do a lot of breathing exercises. I needed all that to maintain an acceptable level of energy.

The shocking thing is that after troubleshooting, I did not need any of the above. The whole day passed and I didn't need vitamins or my energy drink. The drowsiness didn't happen. I couldn't believe it! I have been fighting my low physical energy level needs for over ten years since a serious ovarian infection stemming from an IUD. I have tried homeopathy, yoga, a zillion diet manipulations and breathing. They all help, but I have never seen anything like this, and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

Now I'm going to troubleshoot balancing my checkbook!

M.B., Maryland