MAP and Flower Essences

I have been greatly helped by MAP. I had been spotting at mid-cycle for a year. I wasn't concerned because it was minimal and occurred only at ovulation. Then one day I had heavy bleeding and cramping in my cervix. This did make me take notice. My body was trying to tell me something which I needed to address. I immediately opened a MAP coning and was told to test for flower essences and have a MAP session. I cannot describe how comforted I felt during this entire four to five day process. I was assured I didn't need medical treatment. I also understood this was a healing process to release old trauma from my body.

Fifteen years ago, I had been biopsied for cervical dysplasia. As I was in the MAP session, all the emotions held in at that time came to the surface. I sobbed with the pain of feeling so alone during that ordeal. I also relived the humiliation of the procedures. I was literally almost yanked off the table during the biopsy. The tissue did not want to be taken out and yet the doctor insisted on doing that. Then there were the follow-up treatments of being frozen (cryosurgery) and later cauterized. I felt awful about being disconnected from a part of my body, angry at my partner for the lack of support, frightened and humiliated by the procedures. And I had a terrible sense of loneliness. As this overwhelming loneliness arose, I asked to be comforted so I would not feel so alone this time. I truly felt I was held in loving arms. I still had to feel the pain, but there was not the isolation that had previously existed. I was told to meet the next morning for a MAP session, even though it was less than 24 hours since the last session. This continued for four consecutive days. Each day we met for a MAP session, I received the healing support of my MAP team, and the flower essences. By the end of the four days, the bleeding had subsided and the sensations of pressure and cramping in my cervix had pretty much abated. There were lessons to learn as I saw the flower essences that came up. I saw areas of my life where I was asked to take more responsibility for myself. I could see connections that had to be made for healing to occur.

I felt very much at peace during this healing process. My attention was drawn inward and I felt able to be with my body and not be fearful about what was occurring. There actually was a feeling of sweetness about it: the amazing support and love I was receiving, the sense of coming back to my body, and of being able to nurture this very traumatized part of myself. I often had spontaneous images of a very healthy cervix come up. The support I received allowed me to feel the absolute naturalness of this unfolding process so I was able to cooperate fully and easily.

This is the first cycle I have had since this experience. I am so pleased that I did not have any breakthrough bleeding, the first time in 15 months! I can honestly say that I can feel a difference in this part of my body. The trauma has been released and I am so grateful for the blessing of having MAP in my life. My MAP team and I just celebrated the anniversary of our first year, and I feel honored and pleased to see myself entering more and more into a co-creative relationship with them. I appreciate the perceptual changes that allow me to take more responsibility for myself and contribute to healing the planet.

M.L., California


Editor's Note: Make sure you feel comfortable and at ease about not seeking regular medical help when your MAP team says it's not necessary. This is only a suggestion from your team. If you would feel more comfortable going to a regular physician, do it. If nothing else, the visit will put your mind at ease.

Just prior to the doctor's appointment, open a MAP coning. Tell your team where you are going and the physician's specialty, if he or she has one. Ask the team to monitor your visit. Then, right after the appointment or sometime later that day, have a MAP session and let your team continue the physician's work in ways that are appropriate for you.

If you don't have a MAP session immediately after returning from the doctor's office, ask your team if you should close down the MAP coning. They may wish to continue monitoring you, depending on your reaction to the visit and the state of your health. If they wish you to leave the coning open, find out how long it is to stay open. Then close the coning at the appropriate time.

If your team does not need the coning to be left open, close it down after you return home and reopen it later when you are ready to do the (post doctor's visit) session.