I am a Japanese living in Italy. I came to know about Perelandra through MAP. It really helped me a lot when I was doing chemotherapy (it still helps!). I started doing my first MAP session after the second cycle of chemotherapy. I was really down on every level. I thought it impossible to finish all cycles. I was that down. Then I remembered about MAP that had I read about a year ago. I started MAP sessions without any hesitation. My oncologist told me that it would become heavier and heavier as the cycle progressed, but the third cycle was much easier than the second, and I could finish all 12 cycles without so much disturbance, thanks to the help and support my MAP team gave to me.

I had to do chemotherapy at a day hospital, and there were some other people in the same room who were also doing the chemotherapy. Everybody was complaining about how cold they felt after they began to take drugs, and they were asking nurses for more blankets. Thanks to the help and the support of my MAP team, I never felt cold. I rather felt warm and I got very relaxed and almost always fell asleep.

I was told by my oncologist that the drugs that were used for the first four cycles were very strong, and she gave me a long list of side effects. I did my first cycle without MAP, and it took me four days to feel better. It took me almost 10 days after the second cycle to feel better, again without MAP. It took me only three days after the third and fourth cycles to feel better with the MAP sessions I had before, during and after the chemotherapy. The drugs that were used for fifth to twelfth cycles were not as strong as those in the first four cycles, but two other women who had breast cancer like me and were taking the same drugs in the same cycle were telling me that it normally took them five days after each cycle before they were fully recovered from the side effects. Again thanks to the help and the support of my MAP team, it took me only one or two days before I felt better for the rest of the cycles. In this way, I could finish all the cycles without so much physical disturbance.

My MAP team also helped me a lot on the emotional level. I heard that many people who have to go through chemotherapy suffer from depression. I never suffered from depression, and all my friends were surprised to see me so well although I was doing such a strong therapy like chemotherapy. After all those incredible experiences, I assure others that MAP can help so much.

So this is how I got interested in other products of Perelandra, such as gardening with nature intelligences. I think the idea of co-creative science with nature intelligences should be spread throughout the world. In the end, I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing at Perelandra.

— K.N., Italy