I've been doing MAP twice a week for a number of months now, and am amazed at several aspects. One is that these beings have the power to recreate (or create) a healthy childhood for a person who has been forced to struggle with the effects of a dysfunctional family pattern and a childhood of abuse. The funniest and most heartening incident I had with MAP was when I felt I got the "incest team." My flower essence practitioner had told me MAP could be helpful with incest issues. During one session, I felt as if the team took my father's body right out of me, where it tended to linger to this day; and replaced him with a policeman, in a blue suit, holding up an orange in his hand. I call my team "lavender orange." The humor of that image has been very healing for me, as well as the protection angle and the funny angle. It makes me laugh to see in my mind's eye this cop where the threatening body of my father used to appear.

On the mother side, I began to notice that the image of a nursing infant appeared in my mind's eye when I awoke in the morning following a MAP session. I have long known that my early bonding with my mother did not go well. Also, the love and trust that one can learn from the breast did not occur with me. Nursing infants appeared in a series of MAP sessions, and then the image of a "wanted child." I had always felt I was an unwanted child. So it was a wonderful and much-needed experience for me to feel what that felt like. The most recent is the image of children playing together.

It feels like MAP has taken me back to the beginning of this lifetime and filled it with positive experiences and images that were missing. I have asked several psychotherapists, ones I have worked with, whether it is possible to recreate in a healthy way the lessons of early childhood that never happened for me. Their replies were always unsatisfactory. Now with MAP, I know for sure it is possible.

— K.C., California