Microbial Balancing Program
or "I used to get gout,
but now I don't have it anymore."

by Reba Hatfield

For several years I have had a series of physical maladies, one right after the other. I seemed to have flu symptoms too often, interspersed with inflammatory problems. I was embarrassed to say I was sick one more time. Of course I was constantly tired, so totally exhausted that I could not stand up to cook dinner or drive to the grocery. While everyone else did so much and had so much energy I wondered why all I could do was get through a day and sometimes hardly do that.

In times of illness, flu, sinusitus, colitis, I had treated myself with natural remedies and recovered on my own. But last fall, in an effort to find and treat the root cause of my endless bouts with illness I had a mineral analysis (hair analysis) done and started working with MAP. This past spring in 1996 I began using the Microbial Balancing Program. Before I share the details of this journey I want to give away the ending. It has been only months since this effort to heal my body started and I am getting my life back. I feel better than I have in a long, long time. The difference is like "night and day." I remember the depression, the irritability, not wanting to talk but just to stay quiet, sleep, rest and tell the world to go away. The passion for my life was nonexistent, but now it is back. The body will and wants to make itself well again. We don't even have to ask it to do anything special, just give it the right ingredients and it will rebuild. These changes take time, desire and will. It is this conscious choice of taking matters into your hands that will help you get better. I noticed a significant difference two months after working with MAP and increasing health thereafter. The Microbial Balancing Program got to the specific details of what was needing support and what I needed to do.

The other piece of this healing puzzle was the process of giving myself new patterns or responses to things that cause stress, unpleasant reactions or emotional responses. The Perelandra Essences are a key resource to facilitating this process. Machaelle's books gave way to a transforming process that I can do for myself and now for others in my practice.

My husband had gout and was getting it very frequently. I asked him for permission to work on him, and the MBP did the trick. One evening a client called me to give me favorable remarks about our "work" (she was quite taken by Oregold); this prompted my husband to suggest that I get testimonials and he would be the first, stating: "I used to get gout, but I don't have it anymore." Thank you, MBP.

Getting my life, energy and health back was a matter of paying close attention to my body. I nourished my body by giving it what it needed on a physical level, but also what it needed on a spiritual level: outlets for personal growth, self-expression and awareness. The Perelandra Essences and processes are powerful facilitators. I used to see essences as supporting our emotional well-being to affect the physical, and they do. I now see how they affect physical well-being head on.